5 People’s Choice Awards Nominees We Can’t Wait to Watch

With a list of nominees that includes everyone from Charlize Theron to Lana Del Rey, this roundup was incredibly difficult to curate. Tomorrow’s red carpet is unlikely to bore, and we can’t wait to see the risks taken by celebs who tend to feel freer at the People’s Choice Awards than they will again all awards season. Here are our top five to watch.

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Scarlett Johansson: Favorite Movie Actress

Scarlett is forever switching up her style -- and her looks rarely miss the mark -- so she’s always one of the more exciting faces to grace the red carpet.

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Amy Schumer: Favorite Comedic Movie Actress

Sure, we’re excited to see who and what Amy wears, but given her past antics (e.g. falling at the feet of Kim and Kanye because a reporter was ignoring her to rubberneck at them), we’re mostly just anxiously awaiting a little of Schumer’s signature monkey business as a welcome reprieve from all the awards season self-seriousness.

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Taylor Swift: Favorite Female Artist, Favorite Pop Artist, Favorite Song, Favorite Social Media Celebrity

Ms. Swift’s red carpet game is always flawless, as is just about everything else she does. We’d probably be fascinated by the site of Taylor eating a sandwich or walking into the dentist, so getting to watch her in action during awards season is a legitimate treat.

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Taraji P Henson: Favorite Dramatic TV Actress

Taraji is basically the SJP of 2016, an actress whose personal style is quickly becoming as iconic as that of the character she plays. She’s one to watch on every carpet this year.

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Lady Gaga: Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy Actress

With Gaga, you never know what you’re going to get. Her style vacillates from shocking and outlandish to pitch perfect and timeless. Who knows which way she’ll go tomorrow night…