4 Things You Didn’t Know About Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is the original social-media model, having burst onto the scene in a cloud of catwalk dominance and goofy Instagram posts (she has 12.7 million followers and counting). The model-slash-actress is the cover of WSJ Magazine this month, speaking candidly about her rise to fame, quirky personality and career goals. The interesting read unveiled some surprising details about the girl we thought we knew everything about. After all, she seemingly documents her entire existence on social media. Here, 4 things you likely didn’t know about Cara.

photo: @caradelevingne

She travels with her Playstation 4 to make hotel rooms feel more like home.

photo: @caradelevingne

She writes (yes, writes) music—and poetry to accompany it.

A #TBT to a very Delevingne Christmas. Photo: @caradelevingne

Her grandmother was the lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II's sister.

Cara's Instagram post commemorating reaching 10 million followers. Photo: @caradelevingne

She believes that without her social media popularity she would not have found success as a model.