16 Riveting Celebrity Podcast Interviews For Your Commute Home

We’d like to pretend we’re above celebrity obsession, but in truth, there’s something so satisfactory about “getting to know” a public figure in an intimate way. It’s for this reason social media is such a phenomenon, but we still believe there’s no substitute for one-on-one conversation when it comes to truly revealing the depths of an individual. If you want to know more about some of your favorite celebs, we’ve put together a list of some of the best and most personal podcast interviews available, so you can dive deep with everyone from Fiona Apple to Hillary Clinton on your drive home.

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Marc Maron is in a league of his own when it come to interviewing celebrities; he somehow gets them to reveal things from the intimacy of his garage they never would otherwise. We find Fiona to be fascinating, and this interview provides a rare glimpse into the famously private singer's life. Listen here.

If you're as obsessed with Father John Misty as we are, this podcast is a must-listen. Perhaps unsurprisingly if you're a fan, it features some pretty outrageous anecdotes. Listen here.

Another Round hosts Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton challenge Hillary on a number of issues in this rare sit-down from late last year. Listen here.

If you didn't know Alec Baldwin has a podcast, it's definitely worth a listen, even if he does tend to talk over his guests. In this episode, Alec interviews Sarah Jessica Parker and Studio 54 Founder Ian Schrager. Listen here.

This episode of WTF with Marc Maron has been consistently ranked as one of the best of all time. In it, Louis C.K. and Marc Maron—who were, at one point, very close friends—have an incredibly candid discussion about what happened to their relationship. Listen here.

Jared Leto laughs (and eats) his way through this interview with Nerdist host Chris Hardwick, with whom he discusses things like why "70 is the new 20" and how only those obsessed past the point of reason should pursue a life in the arts. Listen here.

Portlandia creator and star, iconic musician, and Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl author Carrie Brownstein makes a great interview subject for what we think are obvious reasons. Listen here.

This interview is a great mix of lighthearted banter and serious conversation. Listen here.

No one in the world does interviews as well as Fresh Air's Terry Gross. She's hosted so many good ones it's hard to pick from among them, but as fans of Tina Fey's, this episode stands out. Listen here.

These two together? Magic of the most insane variety. Listen here.

Blues fans, or just those interested in the brilliant mind of Jack White, will devour this episode. Listen here.

If you've ever wondered whether or not supermodels really are just like us, this podcast delivers the answer. Listen here.

Meryl Streep doesn't say anything that isn't measured and meaningful, and this interview is no exception. Listen here.

Frustrated actors and artists will definitely appreciate this candid sit-down with the long-struggling Mad Men star. Listen here.

The content of this excellent interview has acquired added meaning in light of Robin's passing. Listen here.

Bret Easton Ellis tends to talk more than his guests, but this podcast still manages to become an interesting dialogue around today's female pop stars from the perspective of Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon. Listen here.