The Busy Girl’s Guide To Binge-Watching: April

Just when you thought it was safe to unplug your TV and step back out into the world, April came, bringing with it a ton of binge-worthy TV. (Sorry, lovers of things like fresh air, sunshine, and socializing, though you can now do the latter while watching TV through the new and noteworthy service Netflix Party.) With so much content being released to each platform this month, it was incredibly difficult for us to narrow down your options (not as difficult as say, brokering world peace or even creating a powerpoint, but still). After much blood, sweat, tears, and missed barre classes, here is our highly-curated guide to this month’s couch surfing.

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Netflix: TV

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Season 2: This Tina Fey-created show was nominated for seven Emmys in its first season, so we’re excited to see what the second season, which premieres on April 15, brings. Expect guest appearances by Tina Fey, Pitch Perfect’s Anna Camp, and Girls’ Zozia Mamet. Watch the second season trailer here.

The Ranch: If you miss Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson, this Netflix original from the creator of Two and a Half Men might be worth a watch. Read a New York Times review here, and view the series trailer here. Premieres April 1. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (Season 6): Nothing gives us wanderlust like Anthony Bourdain. Season 6 takes Tony to Cuba, Istanbul, and Ethiopia, amongst other enviable and exotic locations. Watch the trailer here. Premieres April 1.


Netflix: Movies

The Princess Bride: If you've never seen The Princess Bride, a viewing of this iconic film is your homework for this weekend. Watch the trailer here. Debuts April 1.

Best in Show: Christopher Guest's mockumentary on dog shows is one of our favorite funny films. Watch the trailer here, and learn more about how close the parody might be to real life events here. Debuts on April 1.

Boogie Nights: You may have seen this 1997, Mark Wahlberg-starring film, but do you know its fascinating history? Watch the trailer here. Debuts on April 1.

My Girl: This movie sort of traumatized us in childhood; it's just so sad. If you're in need of a good cry, My Girl is a safe bet. Watch the trailer here. Debuts April 1.

A ClockWork Orange: Here are 15 things you might not know about this iconic Stanley Kubrick film. Watch the trailer here. Debuts April 1.

The Ascent of Woman: A 10,000 Year Story: This BBC show features women who have changed history, from 10,000 BC to the present day. Watch a trailer here. Debuts April 1.

Erin Brockovich: Julia Roberts plays a scrappy lawyer who triumphs against all odds in this David vs. Goliath story. Watch the trailer here. Debuts April 1.

Something’s Gotta Give: Jack Nicholson takes on an actually age-appropriate love interest (Diane Keaton) in what might be the least believable rom-com premise yet. (Kidding!) Watch the trailer here. Debuts on April 1.

Sunset Boulevard: This classic is another must-watch if you've never before seen it, and it may be even more poignant today than when it was made given our current culture of celebrity obsession. View the trailer here. Debuts on April 1.

Special Correspondents: This new, satirical Ricky Gervais film will make its worldwide premiere on Netflix on April 1. Watch the trailer here. Debuts on April 29.


Hulu: TV

The Path: This new Hulu original series follows Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul and his wife (Michelle Monaghan) as they navigate their lives within a cult that somewhat resembles Scientology. Watch the trailer here. Debuted March 30.

The Mindy Project, Season 4 (new episodes): Apparently, there's a major break-up in store for Mindy in these new episodes, and the show is taking a more realistic look at love than it has in the past. Watch the Season 4 trailer here. Debuts April 12.

House of Lies, Season 5: This show stars our girl crush Kristen Bell, and though there are no sloths involved, it's still well worth a watch. View the trailer here. Debuts April 10.

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Hulu: Movies

Lars and the Real Girl: In this film, Ryan Gosling's girlfriend is a blow-up doll, and yet the actor is so charming we somehow still want to date his character. Watch the trailer here. Debuts April 1.

My Best Friend’s Wedding: Who doesn't love this movie this Julia Roberts-starring rom-com in which she does all the crazy sh*t we wish we could do at the wedding of the-one-who-got-away?!? Watch the trailer here. Debuts April 1.

Swimming With Sharks: If you've ever had an abusive boss, you'll find this 1994 film, which stars Kevin Spacey, to be incredibly cathartic. View the trailer here. Debuts April 1.

Sliding Doors: This Gwyneth Paltrow film explores the two parallel universes that result from making two different choices in the same moment. Watch the trailer here. Debuts on April 9.

Girl on the Edge: This film was written by the co-writer of Blue Valentine, and it based on the true story of what happened to one girl in the aftermath of a terrible trauma. Watch the trailer here. Debuts on April 15.

All Things Must Pass: This Colin Hanks-directed documentary explores the storied history of Tower Records, and is a must-watch for music lovers. View the trailer here. Debuts April 8.

Shopgirl: We barely remember this 2005 film, but it stars Claire Danes in a non-crying role, so we can't wait to re-watch it. View the trailer here. Debuts April 1.

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Amazon Prime: TV

Catastrophe, Season 2: This British comedy is super cute. It centers around a British woman and the American man who knocks her up during a one-night stand, and the couple's decision to form a relationship in the aftermath. View the season 2 trailer here, and binge-watch season 1 here. Premieres April 8.

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Amazon Prime: Movies

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: If you want to watch this film with fresh eyes, here are 21 things you never noticed about it. View the trailer here. Debuts on April 1.

Gremlins: Did you know that there's a character in Gremlins 2 based on Donald Trump? Watch the original Gremlins trailer here. Debuts on April 1.

The Big Lebowski: If you don't know who "The Dude" is, you should probably fit this film into your rotation at some point this month. View the trailer here. Debuts April 1.

The Holiday: For some reason, this Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz rom-com just feels good. View the trailer here. Debuts April 1.

Nasty Baby: We think Kristen Wiig is a genius, so we'll watch just about anything she's in. In this film, she tries to have a baby with her gay besties, but the resultant story is anything but cliché. Watch the Nasty Baby trailer here. Debuts April 6.

Risky Business: If you can't remember, or imagine, a time in which Tom Cruise was the ultimate heartthrob, we suggest you throw Risky Business into your movie queue. Watch the trailer here. Debuts April 1.

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Comedy Central

Inside Amy Schumer, Season 4: FINALLY! View a teaser trailer for the new season here. Premieres April 21.

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Game of Thrones, Season 6: Is Jon Snow Alive? Find out (maybe) when this mega-hit returns on April 24. View the season 6 trailer here.

Veep, Season 5: Veep, one of the best-written comedies on TV, also returns on April 24. If you need a reason to watch, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is freaking amazing in this show. View the season 5 trailer here.

Silicon Valley, Season 3: This Emmy Award-winning show is also hilariously well-written. Watch the season 3 trailer here.