Breaking News: Chrissy Teigen Is Pregnant!

Today, one of our favorite power couples John Legend and Chrissy Teigen announced they are having a baby. Not only is this exciting because the child is sure to be blessed with musical talent, epic baking skills and preternaturally great genes, but because the couple has openly struggled with conceiving. In honor of the great news we’ve rounded up a few maternity lines we recommend for her, and other expectant mothers, including Rachel Zoe for Pea in the Pod, Hatch and Seraphine. Here’s to her looking fab for the remaining 6 months!


Rachel Zoe for Pea In The Pod

With Rachel Zoe at the helm this line is packed with plenty of glamorous-yet-wearable pieces. For her inevitable appearances on the social circuit, Chrissy will need some effortless cocktail attire and she’s sure to find some versatile pieces in this collection.


Hatch offers a wide range of luxurious staples for women undergoing the multitude of pregnancy-induced changes both before and after childbirth. We’re particularly fond of this cashmere onesie.


Seraphine, the 12-year-old brand frequently worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, offers a range of smart and tailored pieces. A textured tweed topper like this will come in handy over the coming months.