Beyoncé Just Broke A Major Record

Malia Obama decides on a college and more of today’s news.


Beyoncé's Record Break

Making some serious lemons into Lemonade , Beyoncé is the first artist ever to top the Billboard 200 chart with six straight number-one albums, thanks to her most recent drop. Selling 653,000 units, Queen B has seen the highest number of album sales in 2016. Why? Because she slays. [ Harper's Bazaar ]

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Malia Obama Is College Bound

On Sunday, the White House announced that 17-year-old Malia Obama will (eventually) attend Harvard University. Though the First Daughter plans to take a year off before starting as a freshman, she'll be following in the footsteps of her parents (both Ivy Leaguers who attended Harvard for law school). With a reported interest in the film industry, we're sure the elder Obama sister will be a star student. [ Refinery29 ]

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He's Alive!

Major spoiler alert! Game of Thrones fans had their world shattered when Jon Snow died. But as of last night's riveting episode, it's been revealed that all was a hoax: He's alive! Kit Harington, who plays the heroic character, pulled a Justin Bieber by saying sorry to fans for lying about it, but in all honesty, he was just doing his job. Well played, HBO. We're more hooked than ever. [ MTV ]

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Darling Diane

Always one to top our best-dressed list, Diane Kruger provides sartorial inspiration (and a few jealousy feels) with every red carpet appearance. Here, a few more reasons to heart the actress, from her penchant for rosé to her life advice. [ The New Potato ]