A Cool Girl’s Guide To Paris: 10 Must-See Sights

It doesn’t get more magical than Paris: No matter what time of year, hearing that friends are paying the city a visit never fails to result in serious pangs of jealousy. Such was the case with model Rachel Barnes (Rocky, to some—perhaps you recognize her face from American Eagle billboards), who recently made the trek to the City of Lights and returned with a bevy of FOMO-inducing photos. Here, the California cool-girl shares highlights and must-see spots from her trip to guide your Paris itinerary.

"This was taken the day I arrived in Paris—my first stop was of course the Eiffel Tower. I wore heels because they were so cute with my outfit but I would highly recommend a more comfortable option for touring the city."

Photos: Courtesy of Rachel Barnes

"Waking up in my room at Hotel Costes. The hotel is impossibly chic, plus it's nestled in the best shopping area of the city. The restaurant there is amazing, and the people watching is the best. The indoor pool is also a perk."

"How cute are the love locks at the Pont des Arts bridge? This was actually taken the day they began to remove all the locks—their weight was causing damage to the bridge. I wonder what they will do with all the locks now!"

"The Jardin des Tuileries in the center of the city is iconic. It's a beautiful public park with rows of trees and the cutest green chairs designed to lay back and soak up the sun."

"I couldn't resist snapping a pic of my outfit with the gorgeous tree-lined garden in the background."

"Despite all the amazing restaurants in Paris, my favorite thing to do is picnic at the Eiffel Tower. Pack a baguette, cheese and wine and you're good to go. Stay until the twinkling lights go on!"

"The Gardens of Versailles are a must-see in my opinion. This is the view overlooking the beautiful citrus trees."

"The candy stalls lining the streets are too sweet. I'm still mad I didn't try the mini croissants here."

"The Arc de Triomphe at sunset is unlike anything else. You will get a workout climbing the stairs to the top. I rewarded myself with a trip to Ladurée—there is one conveniently located right down the street."

"The beautiful view from my room at Hotel Costes. I didn't want to say goodbye!"