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A Colorful Nighttime Tapestry Awaits Travelers In These Indian Cities

Explore this vast and culturally rich country after dark.

by BDG Studios
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Gangtok, India. Captured by @am_prabir_das with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

From the majestic beauty of the Taj Mahal to its numerous forts and palaces, it is an undeniable fact that India is one of the most culturally rich countries you will ever visit. In India, the world’s second most populated country, there is no shortage of unique subcultures, brilliant spiritual temples, and local flavors in each corner of this region.

Even with the plentiful photo streams that already exist of daytime India, there is so much of this country that remains unseen after the sun sets … until now.

Experience India’s vibrant nightlife through the lens of residents and travelers below.

Catch A Cab Across Mumbai

Mumbai, India. Captured by @bombae_click with the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

Lively bars, clubs, and restaurants give Mumbai its dazzling night scene, from Versova to Colaba. First, we recommend stretching your legs and catching a sunset along Marine Drive, a tourist destination known for its tranquil seaside walking path. Next, cab it across town to Kala Ghoda, Mumbai’s art district known for its museums, street art, and bohemian cafes.

Mumbai, India. Captured by @abhipatel0804 with the Samsung Galaxy S22.

Guaranteed Fun In Gangtok

Gangtok, India. Captured by @am_prabir_das with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

When the sun goes down, there is a lot to do in the green glowing streets of Gangtok. You can always pay for a night tour of the city, but honestly, it is way more fun exploring the MG Marg on your own. The MG Marg is a smoke and litter-free road that stretches less than one mile in the heart of Gangtok. Here, you can traverse the many shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars that line each side of the road.

Watch A Movie Under The Stars In Ahmedabad

With an estimated 8.5 million people, Ahmedabad is one of the most populated cities in the Indian state of Gujarat. In this bustling city, you can find several late-night coffee shops, dinner, and dance spots, and — probably the most charming of evening activities — a drive-in movie theater. One of the most popular drive-ins, located in the heart of the city, is a favorite outing of both tourists and locals alike. It features a number of genres and films for every type of discerning movie-goer, from Bollywood to Hollywood as well as other international film industries. Craving a snack? Don’t fret, as these drive-in cinemas usually have a food court close by where you can purchase something to munch on.

Take In The Culture Of Chennai

Chennai, India. Captured by @aerial_holic with the Samsung Galaxy S22.

Known for its diverse population and rich cultural scene, Chennai – also known as Madras – is a must see destination for all those traveling India. There, you’ll find a booming theatre and film industry as Chennai is the epicenter of Kollywood cinema. Chennai is also known for its many beautiful rock cut and structural temples. Come in January for the foods and fires of the festival of Pongal, or come in April for Chennai’s annual new years festivities, which mark the beginning of the spring season.

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