The One Beauty Trick All Stylish Women Rely On In Partnership With Prada Candy

One of the most beautiful things about life is its natural unpredictability. One minute we're running errands, the next we're bumping into friends or—on a really good day—heading out on a spontaneous first date. The only constant is our quest for doing it all in style and nothing makes us feel more elegantly put-together than a luxe fragrance.

It's a scientific fact that our scent is one of the most attractive qualities we exude, so naturally it ranks high on our list of priorities—yes, even higher than selecting the perfect outfit. Of late, our go-to for any and all of our daily adventures hails from Prada Candy. Featuring four completely irresistible scents—Original, Florale, Gloss and Kiss—the collection makes every moment feel fun, carefree and just a little bit daring.

To prove the versatility of these fragrances, we caught our always-stylish editorial director, Nicky Deam, as she went about her day in Los Angeles. Take a look at the three ensembles that never steer her wrong no matter where the day takes her, and get tips on how to replicate them in your own wardrobe.

Style Story

A day of errands or window shopping can take a fun and playful turn with the right moves. Featuring notes of sorbet, cherry and orange blossom, your day will sweeten up in an instant with Prada Candy Gloss. To keep things light and bright, enlist a vibrant-hued top like this prismatic Prada cardigan and elevate your classic denim.

For those moments you want to go all-out feminine with your look, grab a flirty scent like Prada Candy Kiss, which features musky notes of vanilla and white cotton. As for the rest of your outfit? Well, a pretty floral print will never steer you wrong, no matter the season or weather report. As seen with this printed Prada coat, a little foliage plays nicely with other patterns and textures (like stripes and leather) and takes your ensemble to charming new heights.

When you're feeling particularly bold, say it with your fragrance. Spritz on a brazen scent like Prada Candy—the notes of vanilla and caramel lend a coquettish touch that will make you feel irresistible. Keep your appealing vibe going with an electric topper and equally vibrant dress or jumpsuit underneath. (We love how Nicky gave the monochromatic trend a spin by pairing her deep green jacket with an emerald Prada dress.) Offset the color scheme with a neutral-toned accessory—like this nude Prada handle bag—to keep your outfit balanced but still eye-catching.