5 Ways To Style A Colorful Coat In Real Life

A lot of the time, we play it safe with our outerwear. When acquiring a new topper, you want to make sure you get enough bang for your buck, likely opting for black, navy or camel. While we adore those neutral tones and are fanatical about easy-to-wear wardrobe essentials, breaking stride for a burst of color is actually an incredibly fun prospect. Think about it: In the winter months, cold weather can get you down, so why not look to a jaunty coat to lift your spirits? Probably because you think you wouldn't wear fuchsia, Day-Glo yellow or neon orange as often as you would black. Or you're unsure how to style a vibrant hue without looking or feeling ridiculous. Valid. However, we want to change your mind. We took bold hues to the streets to prove how five super-bright coats are wearable in real life, styled on a real woman (yours truly) alongside our favorite closet staples like boots, knits and skirts. Continue on for the evidence. You'll be chasing the rainbow in no time.