The Gifts She Really Wants This Holiday In Partnership With Tommy Hilfiger

We're all familiar with the woman who has a very specific wish list around the holidays (we may or may not be guilty ourselves). She's fine-tuned her aesthetic, and as such, she's interested in pieces that perfectly suit her. This makes shopping for her an overwhelming task, to say the least. She's not only about extravagant buys, however, but about special items that will surprise and delight and complement her style. Here, we've curated an edit of gifts for women who fall into this category. Get inspired ahead.

For The Accessory Superstar

You know the girl who always has killer accessories? Yeah, she's a total pro. You won't catch her without a cinched waist, adorned ear or perfect black boot. She opts for pieces with standout attributes like a sleek belt that can be dressed up or down, or versatile items with an It factor. She favors emerging brands and designer wares alike, with panache for pulling off everything from the single earring trend to a silk neck scarf.

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Yes, she loves a simple black boot. But she's also one to kick it up a notch. The star detailing on this pair from Tommy Hilfiger ups the ante and teams well with everything from jeans to dresses.

Yuzefi is a cult-loved label on Instagram, so naturally, the accessory addict is in on the hype. This ruby and cream textured-leather version of the line's famed Delila silhouette is a perfectly unusual color combo featuring the signature ring detail with a chain handle that can extend to go cross-body.

Let’s be honest, only an accessory pro can appear fuss-free in a silk neck scarf. This moody floral print from Gucci is vintage-inspired with a fresh twist with 'Blind for Love' lettering on the reverse.

Rare does an outfit go unbelted for the accessory queen—not just on jeans and trousers but to expertly cinch a dress or piece of outerwear. A special version like this black leather style with a light gold metal coil center is simple and sleek but stands out. She’ll wear it with just about everything.

Obviously, she’s a fan of the single earring trend and Charlotte Chesnais' abstract and sculptural silhouettes are right up her alley. At once dainty and bold, this dangler is a piece primed for inquiry—everyone will need to know where she got it.

For The Wellness Whisperer

We all know the woman whose signature is conjuring positive energy. She’s about wellness and a laid-back mind-set but is selective in how she goes about it. She doesn't care for just any old candle, beauty buy or bauble. She'll love special, elegant extras one would never think to buy for herself.

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She’s a fan of crystals whether for healing properties or simply for their beauty. Give her the gift of a “crystal prescription” from jewelry designer Paige Novick’s Powerful Pretty Things collection. Whether she’s for Love, Balance, Strength or Intuition, these pouches will take her affinity for wellness one step further.

A brightening mask with natural botanicals is a luxurious option she’ll adore. This formula from Alchimie Forever has light-reflecting particles to ensure your skin gets an immediate glow. Stock her up.

She totally subscribes to the cosmos, making a Lucky Charm pendant in 14K gold a must. This handmade style from Bagatiba is one of a kind.

Setting a mood is of utmost importance, starting with scent. What better than a minimalist concrete synergy oil diffuser for the job? This neat style from Addition Studio comes with essential oil and an Australian beeswax candle. Chic!

Her ideal DIY activity is the perfect manicure and pedicure. Treat her to this elegant set from The Line, complete with all the tools necessary for an at-home session including an Iris Hantverk handmade nail brush, Kiya nail clipper, Uka nail oil and J. Hannah polish.

For The Sleek Traveler

Frequent flier or not, you're familiar with the sleek traveler—she's about luxurious efficiency. Don't expect to find her at the airport in an old sweatshirt or with her jewelry in a Ziploc. She's prepared—every item packed perfectly in place. She opts for cashmere separates that are stylishly cozy and is ready to combat the effects a long flight will have on her skin. She's got it together and everyone knows it.

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A marbled suitcase is a striking upgrade for this expert traveler. This carry-on style comes with an outside compartment that expands to create extra storage space—the exact kind of preparedness she appreciates when the shopping bug strikes on holiday.

There’s no way this woman travels with jewelry loose in her bag. A leather-wrapped jewelry roll from designer Eva Fehren’s exclusive collaboration with Tumi is not only beautiful but perfect for storing earrings, necklaces and bracelets, ensuring they stay secure and untangled.

She's comfortable but polished when traveling, and a versatile set is her go-to. She'll sport Equipment’s cotton-cashmere blend from head to toe on a long flight and then work pieces into her outfits once she’s reached her destination.

She’s well-aware of how drying flights are to her skin. This intensely hydrating yet fast-absorbing recovery cream from Ursa Major nourishes and soothes weary skin—she’ll layer it on during a long flight and keep up with repeat applications morning and night throughout her travels.

A sleek pair of headphones is a must-have whether she’s listening to music, taking a call or working out. Can’t beat the elegance of the subtle rose gold detailing.