The Stylish Sneakers All Power Women Love

There’s nothing more beautiful than an empowered, confident woman. While traditionally associated with power suits and sky-high stilettos, the modern interpretation of confident style is less about being flashy and more about being comfortable. Here, we’ve tapped a few inspiring modern women to share the style that makes them feel their best.

Reya Benitez

Reya Benitez has that insanely rare quality that allows her to experiment with all the latest trends and pull them off as second-nature. The LA-native thrives in summer-ready looks, and never shies away from daring silhouettes and bold colors. She’s the cool-girl-next-door that we want to be BFFs with — but in the meantime we’ll just replicate her killer looks.

Roshni Patel

Roshni Patel’s bicoastal style represents the best parts of LA and NYC — laid-back and effortless, but still polished. When she’s not cuddling Archer, her cute Pomeranian, she’s styling new printed pieces and taking to the streets in search of new restaurants and gorgeous fresh blooms.

Charlotte + Sophie Bickley

This NYC-based sister duo knows that fashion is all about having fun and mixing it up — which is totally clear in the way they play with trends, color, and prints. Sophie’s look tends toward eclectic, while Charlotte is all about ultra-feminine details. Playing off each other’s distinct style personalities gives the pair a unique hook — and serves up endless inspo.

Alexa Ibarra

The NYC-based yoga instructor is constantly inspired by the city’s bustling energy. As such, she is permanently on the go, seeking out and embracing all that New York has to offer. When it comes to her personal style, comfort is paramount not just because of her busy lifestyle, but because she feels her most confident when comfortable and believes that confidence, particularly amongst women in the city, is powerful and contagious. She loves mixing funky pieces with classics, like bold striped pants with Keds sneakers, or slip dresses with denim jackets. Shop her style here.

Kristen Lam

As a modern woman, Kristen's career has evolved as rapidly as the digital content space she works in. As such, she has gravitated towards unfussy but elevated pieces that help her feel authentic and grounded.