4 Tips All Stylish Women Use To Communicate Confidence

Your signature style says so much about who you are, so why not make the message a memorable one? Whether you’re known for your bold determination or your adventurous spontaneity, keeping your voice front and center is easy with the help of a few key styling tricks — and perhaps, even capturing your daring summer mood in a bottle. We're partnering with Bulgari to bring you tips to live your best summer life, and step into the season with confidence.

1. Wear a Daring Fragrance

A bright signature scent ensures your style hits all the right notes, while a daring mix of festive floral paired with sweet vanilla musk will have you feeling every bit as spontaneous as the perfect summer night.

2. Choose Bold Colors

A little saturation is always a confidence booster when it comes to key outfit pieces. Whether you’re grabbing a metallic pink bag or slipping on a bright midi dress, don’t shy away from bold statement pieces. They’re way more versatile than you’d think.

3. Keep Your Eye On The Details

Being sure of yourself means you don’t sweat the small stuff. You’ve mastered the details, from ornate sunglasses and a delicately embellished top, to intricately webbed slides.

4. Don't Be Afraid To Get Festive

Nothing communicates confidence like celebrating yourself. Find a few sparkly festive extras — be it shimmery earrings, celestial shoes, or sequin bomber jacket — then let yourself shine.