Polished Picks For The Multi-Hyphenate Woman In Partnership With Brahmin

The most stylish moms we know are able to gracefully balance their parental and personal responsibilities, all while maintaining a sense of self. So when it comes to gifting these important women something special on May 13, remember that the best ideas fit their personalities to a T. Whether they’re entrepreneurs with corner offices, hopeless romantics with tons of charm, or free spirits with serious wanderlust, channel their inner passions to show your appreciation. Thankfully, the luxury artists at Brahmin are here to help, offering something unique for every personality type this Mother’s Day. You just may be tempted to get a little something for yourself, too.

The Boss

Take-charge ladies have to look and act the part. Structured satchels maintain a stylish, professional air while still holding all the work essentials. Don't forget a sleek blazer she can keep draped over her chair to instantly polish any outfit before a last-minute meeting. A luxe lip color takes her from desk to drinks with an quick and easy swipe.

The Romantic

Having a sensitive streak doesn’t just mean getting teary-eyed during movies. In fact, hopeless romantics often make the best listeners—and the best people to call for a night in. To show her you care, pamper this type of mom with feminine accessories and silky, cozy extras. (Her warmhearted nature means she’ll truly appreciate little ways to treat herself.)

The Free Spirit

If your mom is the type to go with the flow and embrace life’s whims, give her some beautiful, billowy attire that allows for movement. When it comes to accessories, a hands-free bag is the way to go. And for self-care essentials, a yoga mat will give her the feeling of ohm.