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Bobbi Brown’s New Beauty Supplements Will Help You Glow From The Inside Out

By Michelle Guerrere

Collagen powders, detox teas, custom vitamins — there’s a new philosophy that when it comes to a complete beauty routine, it’s more than skin deep. One notable proponent of this is makeup guru Bobbi Brown, who became a certified health coach after departing from her eponymous beauty brand three years ago. “I have always believed that the better you take care of yourself on the inside, the better you’ll look on the outside,” she says in an interview with Walmart. That’s why earlier this month, she launched a buzzy new line of beauty ingestibles, EVOLUTION_18, at Walmart.

The name EVOLUTION_18 is a hybrid of her lifestyle company, Beauty Evolution, and the address of her photo studio, 18 Label Street. But the title also speaks to how the line stands out among other wellness supplements. The products are made of simple, natural ingredients, the turquoise packaging is minimalist and beautiful, and everything is priced at $20 or less. What’s more, the superfood-charged line is being positioned in the beauty aisle, so you can pick up exactly what you need while refreshing your mascara supply.

EVOLUTION_18 includes 10 clean products that make health and wellness feel like a pleasure, even a bit of fun. There are daily capsule supplements to strengthen hair and nails, berry-flavored collagen supplements in syringe-like vessels, plus effervescent probiotic tablets that melt on your tongue. There’s also an antioxidant tea that boosts your digestive health thanks to an infusion of matcha, ginseng, and ashwagandha — you simply stir it into hot or cold water. Every single product was specifically formulated to taste good, too, so you can truly enjoy sipping and nibbling your way to a better beauty routine.

Get in on the amazing new EVOLUTION_18 line now, available in select Walmart stores and on walmart.com.

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