The Best Conditioner For Your Hair Type And Budget

Whether you’re navigating your way around stubborn frizz, limp strands or devastatingly damaged locks, conditioner is the most nurturing hair-care step for alleviating a myriad of woes. Since great hair requires good habits, keying in on the best formula for your mane is a simple-yet-effective way to ensure lustrous—not lackluster—strands. From complex blends to vitamin-infused formulas, here, the conditioners we entrust the most to solve every kind of hair ailment. And with options ranging from economical to splurge-worthy, gleaming hair abounds no matter your budget.

Adam Katz Sinding

The Mane Event

Best For Dry & Damaged

Nurture stressed strands with replenishing formulas that contain ingredients like rich oils, shea butter or seed extracts.

Best For Frizz

Smoothing formulas are the best for fighting frizz—look for ingredients like proteins or Argan oil and butter for a softening effect.

Best For Thin & Fine

Give thin strands a boost with a volumizing, lightweight formula with thickening technology.

Best For Thick & Coarse

Tame a coarse, unruly mane with deeply hydrating formulas infused with Keratin or Brazillian properties. Shea butter and vitamins A and E will also help to create lustrous strands.

Best For Color Treated

Enhance your colors vibrancy with formulas containing UV Filters, pure aloe or Japanese camellia oil—all offer weightless hydration and nourishment.

Best For Curls

To ensure curls are bouncy, shiny and hydrated, formulas containing a mix of proteins, oils and amino acids ensure rejuvenating benefits deep within the hair cuticle.

Best All-Around

For total revitalization no matter your hair concerns, a highly concentrated vitamin and oil-rich formula deeply nourishes for strong, regenerated hair fibers.