Manicure Makeover: Zoya’s New Neutrals

While we’ll never tire of the glitz and glamour of the holiday season, we think sophisticated neutrals look chic pretty much any day of the week. Enter: Zoya’s new Naturel collection; a six-color range of pretty neutral nude polishes with pink undertones, available starting today.

On the lighter side of the spectrum there’s Chantal, a French vanilla shade; Taylor, a light toffee hue; and Rue, a soft blush color. Brigitte, Odette and Normani move into mauve territory and are a great alternative if you prefer more color and coverage than those barely-there neutrals. The darkest shade in the lineup, Normani, has to be our favorite. A cool purple, it looks expensive and feminine in all the right ways, plus, it flatters a variety of skin tones. For the beauty daredevils out there, we love the idea of using two shades in the collection – maybe Rue and Brigitte – for a subtly chic half moon or French manicure.

Availability: Zoya Naturel Nail Polish Collection, ($54 or $9 each).

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