In Repair

by The Zoe Report

In terms of sun exposure, we take full precaution to keep our skin safe—meaning, before stepping even one platform wedge out the door, we have slathered ourselves in sunscreen and covered up in a floppy hat, plus oversized sunnies. Even so, it never hurts to carry out extra measures to love our dermis by treating it to a little post-sun loving. Feeling our game plan? Follow suit with a bottle of Z.Bigatti’s Re-Storation Deep Repair Facial Serum!

As its name suggests, this anti-aging elixir is shown to restore radiance and improve elasticity with its vitamin-and-botanical-infused formula. Containing grape seed, cucumber and lemon peel extracts, your skin will eat up every drop! To use, apply just a few sprinkles of the liquid gel to your face and neck, morning and night, and watch as any potential damage caused by the sun begins to diminish. So fear not, summer goddesses! Enjoy the sun’s rays with caution, and know that Z.Bigatti’s facial serum has always got your back.

Availability: Z.Bigatti Re-Storation Deep Repair Facial Serum ($198). For additional information, visit Zbigatti.com.

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