Glow Getter

by The Zoe Report

We know all too well that while there’s nothing fabulous about dreary skin, a good self-tanner can be hard to come by. For a product to please the sun-worshiper in all of us, we recommend Xen-Tan’s new Absolute Gold Dark Suntan Lotion.

When it comes to achieving the best bronze, this winter-worthy lifesaver does not disappoint. With an ultra-fast formula that reveals sheer color instantly—good-bye streaky lines!—and a time-release complex to keep our faux glow gorgeous seven days in a row, we don’t have to spend another moment hiding our pale limbs. If a season of sun-kissed skin is at the top of your to-do list, warm up your head-to-toe with quick application of this radiant remedy and get golden!

Availability: Xen-Tan Absolute Gold Dark Suntan Lotion ($73). For additional information, visit Xen-tan.com.