5 Reasons Women Should Get Facials Before 25

Think facials are just for women who love to be pampered? Think again. If done regularly while you’re still in your early 20s, they can prevent premature wrinkles, sun damage and aging. Skincare expert Sonya Dakar gives us the lowdown on why you should start getting facials asap—even if you think you’re too young to need them.

Sonya's Tips

1. Botox and Peels Scare You

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"It’s easier to maintain a fit, tight body when you're already in shape, as opposed to waiting until you gain weight to hit the gym. The same applies to skincare. In your 20s, your skin is young and gorgeous, so maintain it! Don’t wait until you see your first fine line, sign of sun damage or wrinkle. If you're cautious about the well-being of your skin early on, you won't have to worry about undergoing costly treatments and procedures later."

2. You're Prone To Breakouts

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"Women in their 20s have active oil glands, which have a tendency to get clogged and cause breakouts. Getting facials regularly keeps an acne-prone complexion clear, smooth and free of scars and dark spots."

3. You're On Birth Control

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"Many women take oral contraceptives without knowing they make you more photosensitive than normal, which can cause melasma and sun damage. A routine facial keeps skin bright and healthy. Aestheticians are trained to educate clients on proper UV protection so you can take preventative measures against discoloration."

4. Your Skin Isn't As Resilient As It Used To Be

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"Women undergo the first stage of menopause around age 26 or 27. And while skin won't show the initial signs of menopause at 26—dark circles and fine lines—it will have trouble bouncing back after a night of drinking (cue enlarged pores and puffy eyes). When you get routine facials in your 20s, your complexion appears resilient and detoxified."

5. You Get Blackheads

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"When your pores are clogged with impurities like oil and dirt and aren't routinely cleaned out via professional extraction, they begin to stretch and expand (and don't shrink back). It's important to keep in mind that getting rid of blackheads is difficult and dangerous: Pore-cleansing strips never successfully remove all of your blackheads and extracting them with your fingers can cause scarring and inflammation. Facialists use special methods that reduce redness and prevent pores from re-clogging right away. Your skin will glow and look rejuvenated instantly."

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