Why We’re Addicted To Putting Red Lipstick On Our Eyes

by Stephanie Montes

We’ve tried every trick in the book to hide our dark under-eye circles and nothing has worked quite as well as–brace yourself–red lipstick. Trust us, we know how crazy this sounds and we didn’t believe it until we saw it for ourselves but now it’s the only method we use. Here, learn how to cover dark circles with your favorite red lip-color. You really do learn something new everyday.

Photo: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani

How does it work?

Lipstick in Delicious, Dolce & Gabbana, $34

The same way a green concealer works to cover redness, a complimentary color is what you need to cover dark circles. Since this area tends to have blue undertones, an orange-red lipstick is the perfect counterpoint on the color wheel.

Where do I start?

Cream Blending Brush, NARS, $28

After applying primer, use a concealer brush to cover the darkest areas with lipstick. Disclaimer: You will look like a red panda, this is totally normal.

Now what?

Creamy Concealer Kit, Bobbi Brown, $35

Chose a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation and create an inverted triangle from the inner corner or your eye to the outside of your nostril and back up to the outer corner of the eye (completely covering the red lipstick in the process).

Finishing touches

The Original Beautyblender, Beautyblender, $20

Blend to brighten the entire area with a Beautyblender and continue with your normal foundation routine. Set the whole look with a translucent powder and voilá.