Instantly Whiter Teeth For The Weekend


We have heard that whiter teeth can improve your dating life and even get you a higher salary. Although we are not exactly sure if this is true, we think that a mouth full of pearly whites is pretty important. Shop our foolproof products to get whiter teeth now, without the dreaded dentist appointment.

Get our beauty tips for instantly whiter teeth and how to get lasting effects.

Photo: Street Peeper

Teeth Whitening Makeup

Applying lipstick or gloss with blue undertones will instantly make teeth appear whiter.

The Blue Lip Gloss



Pearl Lipstick In Fly


Lipstick Queen

TANtalizer Highlighter & Matte Bronzer Duo



Teeth Whitening Makeup

Lightly dusting bronzer on on your cheeks, chin, forehead and bridge of the nose, gives you an istant glow and makes the whites of your teeth pop.

5 Minute Whitening System


Plus White

Whitening Gel

We swear by this product; it is an easy way to see at-home results instantly without the sensitivity.

Lasting Mint Floss Picks


Oral B

Keep Them Clean

Flossing as often as possible will ensure that the hard-to-reach areas are whitened and free of plaque. Opt for a pack of floss picks that can be easily stowed in your purse

Diamondclean Toothbrush



Keep Them Clean

Invest in a toothbrush with all the right features; the right one will effectively reduce plaque build-up and prevent gum disease.

Keep Them Clean

Rinsing and brushing at least twice daily with peroxide and baking soda infused products will give you extra whitening power.

Whitening Toothpaste


Arm & Hammer

Peroxide Flouride Mouthwash