White Out

by The Zoe Report

August is transition month from summer to fall, even down to the nail polish. I’m instinctively craving vampy reds, but the timing’s not right just yet. Instead, I’m following Chanel’s lead (as I often do) with the fashion house’s latest shade: Intermezzo.

I recently sampled the opalescent lacquer and fell hard. This is not like the white out you used in school, but Chanel’s version of a rich classic ivory. It’s a polish that will add a slightly mod spin to any look. Some of the advantages in going with an opal are that you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your makeup (my beauty peeve!) and if the polish starts to chip, it’s less noticeable than if you were wearing a dark color. Along with your smile, your hands are the first thing people notice, so it’s imperative to make time for a routine mani/pedi, whether at a salon or home. As I always say, beauty is in the details! xoRZ

Availability: Chanel Nail Colour, Intermezzo ($23). For additional retailer info, visit Chanel.com.