18 Things To Buy At Sephora Now

by Stephanie Montes

Walking down the crowded aisles at Sephora on a Saturday can—let’s be honest—cause stress and frustration. The sheer volume of beauty junkies can make even the most determined shopper turn on their heels, which is a shame because the retailer is constantly stocking cutting-edge items you’d actually want to try. To spare you the headache, we’ve rounded up all the coolest new products to hit their shelves. And the best part is you don’t have to stand in line listening to a flurry of gossip just to make your purchase, just click ‘add to cart’. You owe us big time.

Fill Those Carts

14 wearable shades—all of which look great on every skin tone.

Before hitting the beach, spritz blonde or light brown hair with this chamomile-infused lightening spray to make hair look brighter and shinier.

This oil-free whipped moisturizer hydrates and brightens skin without making it look or feel greasy.

The shattered-glass manicure look seems impossible to create. These press-on nails make it so much easier.

Love their brow gel? Expect great things from the mascara.

This argan-oil and Moroccan-mud infused mask makes it easy to detox your skin without dehydrating it.

Consider this our scent of the summer.

They already have a cult following for their highlighter—we can only imagine the same for this concealer.

Remove oils and freshen your hair like a mermaid with this loose powder.

If you've had a long night, apply this recovery treatment to your face and neck before bed. Finally you can skip the 8 hours of sleep without waking up with a puffy face.

Apply this with a cotton round to tone and gently exfoliate in a single swipe. Your complexion will look healthier and brighter wit continued use.

Get a lit-from-within glow with this blurring and brightening makeup primer.

Get the softest skin and best tan with this 2-step charcoal body polish and tinted moisturizer.

Yes, this is a moisturizer and yes, it's a liquid. Pat this ginseng-infused water on your face for hydrated, healthy skin.

Have a favorite foundation that leaves you a tad too greasy? Mix these mattifying drops with any product to make it completely shine-free. Or wear it alone for a matte complexion all day long.

Apply this to dry, peeling lips to exfoliate and moisturize in a single swipe.

It's like a dry shampoo for your face-dust on this universal powder to remove excess oil.

Turn your favorite foundation, primer or liquid concealer into a bronzer or highlighter with a drop or two of this transforming product. Comes in 6 shades.