How-To: The High Gloss Ponytail


Think wet-look hair is only for the runway? Today Joey Maalouf shows a wearable version of the trend on Team Zoe staffer Kendall Cohan through two perfect ponytails; one sporty and high and one sophisticated and low. Get Joey’s tips for pulling off both high gloss hairstyles with ease, below.

High Glossy Ponytail

The Look

By keeping the crown of your ponytail shiny and slick and the length of it brushed out and full, a high ponytail looks purposeful and polished enough for cocktails (and nothing like the one you rock in yoga class).

Joey's Tip

Instead of securing all of your hair in one ponytail, make two ponytails right on top of each other. This creates length, adds height and keeps hair secure all night long. To conceal the two elastics, wrap a section of hair around the outside and pin to secure.

I love wearing my hair up and back for a night out because it allows me to showcase a great neckline or bold lipstick in a bigger way. --Kendall Cohan

The Products

Create structure and grip with hairspray while styling the ponytail. Finish by smoothing an anti-frizz serum or hair oil generously over the crown and lightly over the length of the ponytail. L'Oreal Elnett Satin Strong Hairspray, $15; Dove Nourishing Oil Care Anti-Frizz Serum, $7.

Style It With

Silk-Chiffon Blouse


Anna Sui

Leather Shorts



Jen & Oil Platform


Cole Haan

Lipstick In Flare



Low Glossy Ponytail

The Look

Nothing beats a low, high shine ponytail when you want to look sophisticated for a night out. Keep the ends of the ponytail a little bit matte and tease them slightly for volume in order to create a dramatic, dual texture look.

Joey's Tip

If a middle part feels too severe, create a two-inch part and then brush the rest of hair back in order to soften the look and create volumne in the crown.

The Products

As with the high ponytail, use the finishing spray to create texture and then finish with a shine-enhancing product. Joey used Lea Journo's illuminating moisturizer on hair and skin, for a gorgeous all-over glow. Lea Journo Voila Finishing Spray, $28; Lea Journo Lumiere Illuminating Moisturizer for Hair & Body, $14.

Style It With

Sequin Velvet Dress



Mia Heel



Slim Clutch



Zoom Fast Mascara