New-Age Beauty Experiences We’re Dying To Try

by Stephanie Montes

With festival season in full swing, we’re finding ourselves spending a lot of time in nature, getting in touch with our inner bohemian. To further delve into the gypsy spirit, we tracked down 5 unconventional beauty experiences in Southern California that treat your mind, body and spirit in a holistic way. If you don’t call sunny California home, we suggest you try to find similar experiences in your city—after all, what’s more chic than achieving overall wellness?

Sound Bath: The Integratron, Joshua Tree National Park

This 55-foot diameter, wooden dome offers 60-minute sonic healing sessions that provide deep relaxation and a heightened sense of awareness. Sit or lie down and listen as water-filled quartz crystal bowls are played, each one keyed to the energy centers of the body.

Photo: @ceepeezi

Jade Shower: Hugh Spa, Los Angeles

Showering in this jade room works wonders from the inside out. Electrons from the stone and steam from the shower work together to release toxins in the body, strengthen muscles and even reduce heartburn.

Photo: Hugh Spa

Mud Bath: Glen Ivy Hot Springs, Corona

This all-encompassing spa houses one of our favorite mud baths where you can spend the day frolicking in red-clay waters, which detoxify, exfoliate and brighten the skin. Once you've gotten all nice and muddy, lay in the sun to dry the clay. When you remove it, dead skin comes right along with it.

Photo: Courtesy of Glen Ivy

Salt Sauna, Wi Spa, Los Angeles

Taking a 20-minute break to relax in a room made entirely of Himalayan salt is more beneficial than you can imagine. With salt brick walls and sand-like floors, this sauna is packed with a high dosage of calcium, magnesium, iron and sodium, which together improve circulation, strengthen the immune system, relax muscles and purify the respiratory system (allergies, be gone).

Photo: Milk & Honey