The Weirdest (And Most-Amazing) Makeup Tool I’ve Ever Used

by Stephanie Montes

I have to admit when this interesting-looking brush landed on my desk, I was confused: It was tiny, had the paddle of a hairbrush and where there should have been bristles there was swatch of wool. What could this possibly be used for? I had to investigate.

Lambswool Paddle Soft Focus Makeup Blender, Laura Geller, $17

With a little bit of research, I learn that this is in fact a makeup brush. But how could you possibly apply makeup with this thing? The answer: You don’t. It's supposed to be used as a finishing brush to buff in makeup once it's on, creating an airbrushed effect.

How to use it: Once you've put on your makeup, lightly rub the brush in circular motions along your entire face and voila. It’s easy to use and I have to admit, surprisingly effective. I immediately noticed that my pores were blurred and my makeup looked softer overall. I've since found that it is the perfect tool to break out when I feel like I’ve gone a little heavy-handed on the foundation—it works wonders for removing the excess and leaving just the right amount on my face. This funny-looking brush further proves you can't judge a book by its cover! Lesson learned—again.