How To Make Some Of The Most Outrageous Beauty Trends Wearable

by Stephanie Montes
A female model posing with many beauty products on her face

Have you ever seen a makeup look on the runways, on Pinterest or on another person that looks so over the top, but somehow works? Even worse, have you tried the look on yourself and looked like you were about to attend a costume party? All it takes is some careful curating (and of course, some confidence never hurt, either). Ahead, the most outrageous beauty trends from the latest fashion week runways that are just too good not to try. Get our tips for making them look wearable, even if you never plan to step foot on a catwalk.

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Technicolor Eyeliner

Make your eyes pop with a single stroke of a neon eyeliner and a wing at the outer corners. Make it feel more everyday-friendly by concentrating the color on the outer three quarters of your upper eyelids. And keep your eye color in mind when picking your liner hue. For example: Blue eyeliner makes brown eyes shine and orange shades make baby blues pop. If you're really feeling brave, try swiping a different color on the bottom lash line!

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Vintage-Inspired 'Dos

If you've ever experimented with the classic finger-wave hairstyle, you know it can go real Chicago, real quick. Instead of looking like a 1920s flapper, try curling the pieces framing your face to give the illusion of finger waves, and style the rest of your hair per usual. The look will feel more modern.

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The Super-Smoky Smoky Eye

This look can end up looking raccoon-ish in seconds, so listen up. To get a super-saturated smoky eye, skip the powders and use an eye-shadow stick that goes on creamy, creates a precise shape and stays in place all day (warning, it might be difficult to remove at the end of the day, but we'll worry about that when we get there). Keep the rest of your makeup minimal. We're talking little-to-no contour, a nude lip and zero blush—this look is all about the eyes.

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Rainbow Hair

It seems like every day there's a new hue trending in hair colors. If you're considering calling your stylist for a total color makeover, first determine the undertones in your skin. If you have really yellow undertones in your skin, you might not want to go with a hair color that's too blue (instead go for warm shades of reds, pinks, oranges, etc.)—it'll make your complexion look even more sallow. If you have cool undertones, feel free to experiment with shades of blue, green and gray.

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Metallic Makeup

Similar to the really dark smoky eye, a mirror-like shade of silver is the star of your makeup look. Avoid going overboard with bright-colored blushes or lipsticks. Instead, pair the shine in your metallic eye shadow with equally glossy lips and dewy skin.