Waxing 101: 5 Tips For Pain-Free Hair Removal

Andrew Toth

When it comes to waxing, wouldn’t it be great if you could just skip the icky, painful part and get right to the silky-smooth results? We asked waxing goddess to the stars, Inez Laval from LA’s newest boutique spa, Zenii (known for their use of hard-to-find graphite wax) to give us some pointers on getting gorgeous winter skin while avoiding discomfort. “The most common misconception is that waxing is torture”, she told us. “Waxing will be virtually painless if you take the time to prep the skin and alway opt for high-quality products and services.” Here, Laval’s top 5 do-not-ignore tips.

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Five Waxing Rules To Live By

Moisturize Daily

LA Bruket Coconut Lotion, $45

“I always tell my clients to exfoliate the ‘area’ daily and moisturize with coconut oil. Even if you procrastinate—which many of us do—by starting a couple of days before the next wax, you will be OK.”

Dull The Pain

Arnica 30C Pellets, $13

"Take two Advil 30 minutes before your appointment and you will feel little, to no pain. If you don't want to take Advil, Arnica in pellet form is a great natural pain reliever and anti inflammatory option. It also can be taken 30 minutes beforehand.”

Go Caffeine Free

Photo: thezoereport on Instagram.

“Skip your morning coffee day-of wax — it's a natural stimulant that increases blood flow, which can cause more sensitivity on the surface of skin."

Timing Is Everything

Desk Calendar, $52

"Once you have 3 weeks worth of hair growth, you're ready for a wax. This is the optimum time to wait in between appointments."

Try Graphite Wax

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"Graphite wax is super smooth going on so it doesn't pull on the hairs as it's being applied. Also it full of essential oils and vitamins that are known to reduce pain and inflammation which are beneficial to the skin during and after waxing."