This Wash-And-Go Hairstyle Is Crazy Cute & Ready In Under 20 Minutes

You’re out the door in no time.

by Natasha Marsh
Originally Published: 
wash & go hairstyles
Sometimes the energy and time it takes to do your hair is too much, especially if you have curls that tend to have a mind of their own. Luckily, wash-and-go styles are quick and look just as good as a full wash-and-style day. Plus, as a mini protective look, you can wear them for multiple days. Ahead, 11 chic wash-and-go hairstyles to inspire your fall season. @patternbeauty
Jumbo Twists

For those with lots of density and length, jumbo twists will be the wash-and-go style for you. Start by detangling your hair and raking in a curl pudding or cream for moisture retention. Finish by plaiting hair in a two-strand twist.