Retro Hairstyles That Are Making A Comeback

by Stephanie Montes

While some hair trends are better left in the past (hello, crispy ’80s curls), others are ripe for a serious comeback. Case in point: These 4 iconic ‘dos feel fresh all over again. From the ’70s shag haircut to the ’90s-era crimp, these styles are back in a big way. As we have learned time and again with fashion, what goes around almost always comes back around.

Blasts From The Past

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'60s: French-Girl Bangs

Style icon Jane Birkin put the messy, blunt bang on the map, but these days this 'do is a street-style staple and was even shown on Burberry's Fall 2015 runway.

'70s: The Shag Haircut

Much like Blondie front-woman Debbie Harry, we too love a haircut that celebrates our natural hair texture. There's nothing quite like ditching your hot tools for a few months.

'80s: The Side Ponytail

Madonna was primarily responsible for making the side ponytail iconic in the '80s (you know you rocked one). Nowadays the whimsical pony looks a lot sleeker and less color-treated. However, accessorizing is still a must.

Photo: FirstView

'90s: Crimped Hair

In the '90s, a metal crimper was the go-to for any girl who wanted a voluminous 'do (we're looking at you, Tyra Banks). Subtle strands of perfectly zigzagged hair at Stella McCartney's Spring 2015 show make us want to dust off that old iron.

Photo: FirstView