3 Valentine’s Day Manis That Put Red Nails To Shame


February 14th is all about heart-shaped, pink and red everything—but what if you’re not the lovey-dovey, girly-girl type? We get you. We, too, prefer a chicer approach to the day dedicated to love, especially when it comes to our beauty routine. With that theme top of mind, we met up with nail guru Tracy Sutter to create 3 manis to fall head over heels for. Watch this to learn how to get the prettiest (and least Velveeta) Valentine’s Day mani ever.

Step 1: Apply a sheer pink coat on each nail.

Step 2: Create a white half-circle at the upper or lower corner of each nail.

Step 3: With an opaque red polish, create a C shape from the cuticle to the tip of the nail, making sure to overlap the white polish.

Step 4: Finish with a dark red half-circle inside the C shape and over the white polish.

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Formula X

Step 1: Start with an opaque coat of white polish.

Step 2: With a thin striping brush and black polish, draw lines on each nail to create random geometric shapes.

Step 3: With a hot pink lacquer, color in one shape on each finger.

Step 4: Repeat with a red polish.

Step 5: Repeat with a glitter lacquer. Voila!

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Step 1: Paint nails with an opaque nude polish.

Step 2: With a red lacquer, create a heart-shaped scallop at the middle of each nail.

Step 3: Layer a smaller scallop shape over the other scallop with a deep brown polish.

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