Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas You'll Want To Wear Well After The Holiday

Sweet and subtle.

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With V-Day right around the corner, love is in the air — and in your beauty rituals. Ahead, get inspired by these Valentine’s Day nail art ideas that you’d be happy to wear any day of the year.


Blink and you might miss the subtle heart design on the tips of this baby pink French manicure.@overglowedit
These tiny hearts are a perfect reminder of the love-filled season, plus they add a pop of sweetness to this edgy spin on a French manicure.@tiffanyabbigailebeauty
Keep it classic this holiday with a simple double French manicure. You can also swap out the white lines for pink or red for even more of a V-Day vibe.Marina Iwakoshi for Vanity Projects
This outlined French mani look is super trendy right now, and the pop of hot pink makes it V-Day appropriate.@amyle.nails
Who says black nails can’t be romantic? A minimal heart design adds a touch of sweetness to this edgy matte manicure.Yoshiko Yamaguchi for Vanity Projects
If pink and red aren’t your thing, go for this mismatched minimalist design over sheer nude polish.@heluviee
A single red heart is all it takes to transform nude nails into a Valentine’s Day manicure.@betina_goldstein
Almost as yummy as the candy you’ll be munching on, these 3D jelly hearts could not be more perfect for Valentine’s Day.Vee Esco for Vanity Projects Miami
Get in on the marble nail craze with this mesmerizing pink look.Ayumu Takasawa for Vanity Projects
Leave it to celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik to put a creative spin on a Valentine’s Day manicure. This negative space red design is so chic and sweet.Instagram/@tombachik
Amp up a heart design with a metallic outline for something low-key that still packs a punch.Eileen Elvir for Vanity Projects Miami
A playful bandana manicure is sure to turn heads this Valentine’s Day.Cynthia Casado for Vanity Projects
L.A. nail artist Nia Ho’s design is so perfect for celebrating V-Day while also being chic and elegant.Instagram/@nails_and_soul
This pink and brown color combo is enough to make anyone fall in love.Instagram/@overglowedit