Obsessed: Unisex Grooming Products

Is it starting to look like a branch of Sephora in your bathroom? Do you barely have the space to stand in your own shower? Assuming you you aren’t in a position to double your square-footage, we’ve got a little trick to help you streamline. Whether you are sharing the space with a significant other or a roommate, it’s time to get on board with the new wave of luxury unisex products. Not only will you save space and feel totally pampered, but splitting the check will save you some serious change. You know, to buy Dad one of these products for Father’s Day.

A gentle exfoliator that can be layered as a mask earns its space on the bathroom shelf. This version is also sulfate-free and contains loads of topical antioxidants.

Malin and Goetz's facial moisturizer boasts the ability to balance skin's pH, nourish and soothe sensitive skin, and fast absorption for those of us who need to put makeup on top.

Arcona's energizing body wash is packed with herbal compounds that leave skin feeling fresh and young.

For a rustic, gender-neutral handsoap, what could be better than a cedarwood and vanilla scented option derived from Scottish malted barley?

Don't panic, we are not recommending that you share a razor blade. We are recommending that you sign up for Dollar Shave Club's "Lover's Blade" package which delivers enough fresh blades to share, right to your door, on a monthly basis. For only six dollars. While you're at it, stock up on some of this divine shave butter.

Sachajuan's Ocean Mist spray is the closest thing to a day on the beach, providing texture and hold that works for almost all hair types, minus the girly scent.

Aesop's botanical-laden shampoos are enriched with proteins, and this one in particular is designed to cleanse the hair without stripping any of its natural oils.

Keep an all purpose eye-drop on hand for tired eyes (just make sure to never share drops that have directly touched your eye area). This optician-recommended brand works miracles in under a minute without damaging your eyes.

A blend of vitamins and caffeine bump this eye cream to the top of our list for combatting puffiness and dark circles. Over time, it also fights the look of dehydration lines.

You know those girls who can pull off the menswear trend as if it were made for them? They've got another trick up their sleeve: a unisex fragrance. Rather than wafting around smelling sickly-sweet, they radiate cool with a clean and fresh scent typical of these options from Serge Lutens and Agonist. We think it's time you joined them.