Unexpected Beauty Tips From Backstage At NYFW

by Stephanie Montes

Do you use lip gloss as eye shadow? Maybe you should start! There’s no better place to learn beauty secrets than directly from the pros at New York Fashion Week. We’ve been hanging out backstage at the runway shows to uncover how the best in the biz create gorgeous looks in the most unconventional of ways.

You won't believe how these hair, makeup and nail artists create looks with the most unusual methods.

Photo: Courtesy of NARS

Lip Gloss As Eyeshadow

NARS' James Boehmer slathered a lustrous metallic lip gloss on his models' eyelids to achieve a perfectly dewy look. To replicate, dot gloss on your lids and spread from the inner to outer corner with your finger. "It looks fresh, undone and effortless," says the makeup whiz.

Photo: Courtesy of NARS

Fingers For Nail Art

Katie Jane Hughes of Butter London was inspired to create a look that had a subtle gradient without looking overly crafty. After some trial and error, Hughes found that the best dabbing tool was none other than her finger. We've all tried the makeup sponge trick to apply polish but the nail guru wisely advises that "using a sponge to dab glitter polish actually takes the flakes off." Good to know.

Photo: Courtesy of Butter London

Lipstick As Bronzer

The resourceful Boehmer achieved more makeup magic by applying lipstick in a triangle shape on the apples of cheeks and then blending it with his finger. The formula emulsifies on your skin, creating contour without appearing too heavy. "We wanted the girls to look like they had really amazing skin," he says, "not amazing makeup."

Photo: Courtesy of NARS

Liquid Eyeliner For Nail Art

Maybelline manicurist Honey surprised us with the best tip we've heard in a long time: liquid eyeliner as a nail-art pen. "When I'm on set and don't seem to have what I need, all I have to do is improvise," says the polish pro. Simply draw a design with the eyeliner on a base of color and seal it with a clear top coat.

Eye Pencils And Lip Balm For A Smoldered Eye

Who would have thought to add lip pencil and balm to your eyes for a smoldering effect? Yadim Carranza, that's who! The Maybelline makeup artist prefers to ditch eye shadow altogether in favor of using a rich pencil to achieve great color. For a perfectly worn-in look, he says "apply lip balm to the lid with your fingers." This melts the color, creating the perfect smudge without looking like a raccoon.