The Best Shine-Boosting Shampoos For Every Hair Type

A curly-haired brunette woman who uses a shine-boosting shampoo

In our pursuit of perfect hair, we’ve had our fair share of trouble spots we’re proud to say we’ve vanquished (for the most part). The one recurring obstacle standing in the way of achieving Kate Middleton–status strands is shine—or the lack thereof. Whether the culprit is product buildup, hard water or insufficient moisture retention, dullness is definitely not a good look when it comes to tresses. Luckily, there’s a way to kick-start your shine-boosting regimen in the shower: All you need is the right shampoo. To help bring your hair’s natural luster to life, we’ve rounded up the best shampoos for each hair type. Below, find out how to inject a hefty dose of megawatt shine and ditch dull strands for good.


From Lackluster To Luminous

For Colored Hair: Save

Packed with strengthening ingredients like pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E and keratin, this restorative shampoo keeps color-treated hair healthy while enhancing its luster, thanks to a blend of sweet almond and coconut oils.

For Colored Hair: Splurge

We already know the health benefits of antioxidant-rich blueberries, a staple ingredient in our breakfast parfaits. So it only makes sense that the superfood is not only a treat for our bodies but for our color-treated strands as well—as proven by this lush cleansing milk. It harnesses the rejuvenating powers of the blueberry, plus rice proteins and vitamins A and E, to defend against the oxidation of highlights and prolong hair's radiance.

For Dry Hair: Save

Parched, puffy strands, begone! This intensely nourishing formula is powered by organic Indian gooseberry, which boasts the highest level of vitamin C of any naturally occurring substance, as well as strengthening organic bamboo extract. Together, they help hair retain moisture while imparting a mirror-like sheen to strands.

For Dry Hair: Splurge

In case the phrase "gold lust" doesn't tip you off, let's be clear: This is one sumptuous shampoo. Oribe's signature complex of antioxidant-rich watermelon, lychee and edelweiss flower extracts defends against fading and photoaging, while a luxe blend of argan and maracuja oils delivers lightweight luster.

For Normal Hair: Save

This creamy shampoo goes beyond leaving hair silky and soft—reparative vitamin E promotes follicle health while luscious Moroccan argan oil infuses strands with incomparable shine.

For Normal Hair: Splurge

Give your hair the royal treatment with this deeply moisturizing, gloss-enhancing shampoo. The advanced formula contains unique time-released safflower oil capsules to guarantee a long-lasting, luminous finish for your tresses.

For Curly Hair: Save

In case you weren't already convinced, the power of coconut oil knows no bounds. Case in point, this sulfate-free shampoo, which is formulated with coconut oil and silk protein to revive the bounce and shine of your curls.

For Curly Hair: Splurge

Because curls are prone to dryness by default, they need a little extra oomph in their shine-boosting shampoos. Enter: this gently cleansing formula. It's developed with a powerful blend of super-fruits, namely açai, blueberry, cranberry, papaya and pomegranate, to help curls retain moisture and leave them glossy and gorgeous.

For Fine Hair: Save

For strands that are listless and lackluster, this lightweight shampoo is your one-and-done solution. It contains linden bud extract to naturally plump the hair shaft as well as glycerin and argan oil to envelop strands in a silky shine.

For Fine Hair: Splurge

Thanks to a sweet blend of acacia honey and rose extracts, this ultra-pampering shampoo delivers megawatt shine, softness and ample volume.