Twinkle Twinkle

by The Zoe Report

Pieces of shimmer are everywhere to be found during the holidays—from the twinkling sequins on our shoes to the reflections of our over-the-top jewelry. Take this seasonal glisten to the next level with Guerlain’s Sublime Radiant Powder.

Disguised as a perfume in a laced screen-print bottle, today’s violet-scented illuminating body dust is an exceptionally chic addition to any beauty routine. Spray it all over for an elegant veil of diamond-like scintillation from head to toe. I love it best on shoulders to create a subtle sexiness. Just in time for the holidays—and a necessity for New Year’s Eve—this powder will put the finishing touch of glamour on any party outfit. Make it a must in your getting ready regimen and shine like a star. xoRZ

Availability: Guerlain Sublime Radiant Powder ($85). For additional retailer information visit Guerlain.com.