3 Cutting-Edge Ways To Wear Perfume

Ultra-sensitive skin? No problem. Today, we’re sharing 3 cutting-edge ways to wear perfume, sans the overdrying irritation you might experience when using a traditional fragrance spray. From chic, scented jewelry (seriously) to soft, redolent oils that outlast the day, take a whiff of our ten favorites here—you’re going to love them.

Freshen Up!

Take a whiff of our favorites here.

1. Fragrance Oil

Fragrance oils are alcohol-free, meaning they can be applied without stripping moisture from your skin. Unlike alcohol-based sprays, scented oils absorb naturally, lasting far longer than your average eau de parfum. Great for sensitive skin and commonly bottled up with a travel-friendly, rollerball applicator, what's not to love?

2. Solid Fragrance

Portable, practical, and petite enough to fit just about anywhere, solid wax or cream based perfumes are a must for freshening up on-the-go. Great for the gal (or guy) who prefers a more subtly fragrant effect from their scent du jour, no-mess solids work wonders when applied to your pulse points.

3. Fragrance Jewelry

A super-chic way to smell like a dream without having to physically apply fragrance to your skin, perfumed jewelry is one brilliant innovation we stand behind. From a striking statement ring that reveals a fresh floral aroma to a fashionable necklace that contains a solid, delectable disk, rocking your signature scent just became a bit more glamorous.