3 Cutting-Edge Ways To Wear Perfume


Ultra-sensitive skin? No problem. Today, we’re sharing 3 cutting-edge ways to wear perfume, sans the overdrying irritation you might experience when using a traditional fragrance spray. From chic, scented jewelry (seriously) to soft, redolent oils that outlast the day, take a whiff of our ten favorites here—you’re going to love them.

Freshen Up!

Take a whiff of our favorites here.

1. Fragrance Oil

Fragrance oils are alcohol-free, meaning they can be applied without stripping moisture from your skin. Unlike alcohol-based sprays, scented oils absorb naturally, lasting far longer than your average eau de parfum. Great for sensitive skin and commonly bottled up with a travel-friendly, rollerball applicator, what's not to love?

Jenipapo Oil Roll On



Gorgeous Cow Perfume Oil



Byredo Perfumed Oil in Gypsy Water



Grey Garden Fragrance


Stephanie Simek

2. Solid Fragrance

Portable, practical, and petite enough to fit just about anywhere, solid wax or cream based perfumes are a must for freshening up on-the-go. Great for the gal (or guy) who prefers a more subtly fragrant effect from their scent du jour, no-mess solids work wonders when applied to your pulse points.

Lotus Garden Solid Perfume



Diptyque Don Son Solid Perfume



Cedarwood Myrrh & Clove Solid Perfume


Roots Rose Radish

3. Fragrance Jewelry

A super-chic way to smell like a dream without having to physically apply fragrance to your skin, perfumed jewelry is one brilliant innovation we stand behind. From a striking statement ring that reveals a fresh floral aroma to a fashionable necklace that contains a solid, delectable disk, rocking your signature scent just became a bit more glamorous.

Esprit d’Oscar Solid Perfume Ring


Oscar de la Renta

Pleasures Charming Horn


Estée Lauder

Chain Tassle Necklace