5 Ways to Build The Perfect Travel Beauty Kit

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Whether you’re traveling for spring break or a business trip, there’s no better time than now to update your travel kit. Here, five ways to ensure a gorgeous—and stress-free—getaway.

Pack Like A Pro

Louis Vuitton, Fall 2015. Photo: Getty Images

Upgrade Your Case

Don't be fooled by those hanging cases made from clear plastic: They may look impressive, but all those extra compartments encourage overpacking. Instead choose a sleek, dopp kit-like case for your toiletries. The streamlined shape forces you to pare your packing down to the essentials—and traveling light is always the chicest way to fly.

Keep Products Separated

There's no need to jam all your makeup in the same bag as your toothpaste, face wash and lotions—especially since you likely don't use all of those products at the same time. Invest in separate pouches for your cosmetics and makeup brushes—that keeps everything dry and organized and makes on-the-go touch-ups a snap.

Buy Small In Order To Fit More

Our favorite way to cut down on packing-induced anxiety? Stocking up on mini versions of our favorite products—including toothpaste and a toothbrush—and keeping them at the ready in our travel case at all times.

Add A Few Little Luxuries

While your travel kit should consist mostly of tried-and-true favorites, we recommend adding in a few products that aren't a part of your daily routine as well. Having a fancy roll-on perfume, a mini candle or a moisturizing mask on hand makes even the most mundane trip feel a little exotic.

Opt For Makeup Multitaskers

Unless a black-tie event or a costume party are part of your travel plans, you don't need to bring every single item of makeup you own. To save space, choose products that pull double duty like a tinted moisturizer with SPF or a stain that works for both lips and cheeks.