A Lazy Girl’s Guide To Fall’s Beauty Trends

Tullio M. Puglia

Far too many of us settled on our makeup look in our teens, but despite playful manicure colors and the occasional exaggerated cat-eye, it’s starting to look a little dull. Enter 3 of fall’s easy beauty trends, each requiring one basic leap of faith to achieve gorgeous and fresh results. Go on, live a little.

Luscious Lashes

Photo: Courtesy of Gucci

With the abundance of '60s and '70s inspired clothes on the Fall 2014 runway, it is not surprising that the bold lashes of that era have also returned. With many designers—Gucci, Saint Laurent and Lanvin to name a few—sending out models with bold, graphic eyemakeup, its the ideal update to your typical evening look. Start with your typical base, trace white liner along your waterline, attach a fine strip of false lashes, and finish by rimming your upper and lower lashlines with kohl pencil.

Lash Enhancer

Start coating your lashes with an enhancing serum. Not only will it encourage growth, but it will strengthen them for the times you wear false extensions.

White Eyeliner

A swipe of white or nude eyeliner on the inside of your lashline will make your eyes appear brighter, and will counterbalance a heavy fringe of falsies.

False Eyelashes

Try a set like these with crossed lashes (which appear less costumey) and keep all other makeup minimal. For the more adventurous, a smattering of dark crystals along the lashline of the extensions makes for a fun nighttime look.

Lower Lash Mascara

Adding extensions to the bottom of the eye is a little extreme for everyday life. Instead use Joey Maalouf's favorite lower lash mascara.

Flawless & Fresh Faced

Photo: Firstview/Chloe

Move over, barely there makeup, this look is 100% based on a solid skincare regime, lip balm and an eyelash curler. The key here is to take the time you'd normally spend applying your makeup and invest it in exfoliating, hydrating and protecting your skin. Which, lets face it, we could all do a little more of. For those who are too afraid to be bare faced (insert Beyoncé lyric), reduce redness with a tinted moisturizer or a dab or two of concealer, and add a lip tint.

Skincare On The Go

Stash a set of these in your purse to keep skin refreshed throughout the day. Reapply sunscreen after each application.

Lip Scrub

Keep lips full and flake-free with a gentle lip exfoliant.

Rosewater Mist

A spritz or two of this hydrating and soothing face mist will help combat harsh office air-conditioning.

Curl Your Lashes

Heat your eyelash curler with your hair-dryer (for 2-3 seconds) then gently pulse from the base to tip of your lashes. You will look instantly awake and the heat will help to set your lashes in place. Finish with clear mascara and brow gel if necessary.

Pop Of Color

Photo: Chanel/Getty Images

It takes confidence to rock a swipe of neon, but a thin liner on part of the upper lid is surprisingly wearable. We are partial to this teal green, since pink and orange hues can enhance redness around the eye, but everything from purple to metallic goes. Again, keep the rest of the look muted, and only one or two swipes of mascara.

Teal Eyeliner

Cover your eyelid with a primer and nude shadow for a clean base. Simply draw a thin flick of color along the eyelid from above the iris to the outer corner.

Touch Of Metal

For the bold, dip a flat brush in water and apply a thin line of densely pigmented glitter for added impact. This version miraculously stays put all day.

Wash Of Color

To complete the Chanel look you can layer a shimmery shadow under the eyeliner to add depth and dimenson to your eyelid. Just keep it in the same color family.

Bold Green

For a more nature-inspired look, opt for this moss green eyeliner, but keep the line thick for a strong statement.