This 2-Step TikTok Contour Trick Will Give You A Snatched Look In Seconds

You’ll only need one product

Taylor Jean Stephan
TikTok contour trick

Contouring isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and, frankly, there isn’t any reason for it to. It’s one of the easiest ways to lift your face, define your cheekbones, and give you excellent jawline definition in seconds. But in true TikTok form, there’s always a way to upgrade a time-tested technique. The latest being this super simple TikTok makeup contour trick. The latest method stems from TikTok beauty all-stars @NikkieTutorials and @MikaylaNogueira, the latter of which used KVD Beauty’s ModCon Liquid-Gel Contour to drastically sculpt her face in just two steps.

In the video that has already been viewed 3.9 million times, Mikayla follows Nikkie’s lead by first swooping the KVD liquid contour down from the ear, just along the natural curve of her cheekbone. This next part gets interesting. “Some of these contour hacks get a little crazy, but this one seems not too bad,” Mikayla notes as she goes in the video. From there, she drags the wand down, next the the edge of the lip, towards the bottom of the face. Essentially, you’ll have an upside down Y shape by the time you're done. Next comes the blending. “Use a really dense brush to do a concentrated blend,” she says. Once you’ve gently (but firmly) buffed the product in, you’re left with a noticeably snatched look.

The good news is that it’s not too involved and only takes a minute or so. And as far as skill required, you’ll see that it’s very beginner level. You also can’t be mad at the fact that you only need one product to achieve the final result. The KVD liquid contour is not a new product, but it is wildly popular because of its unique texture. It applies like a liquid and dries like a powder. It also has great color payoff and lasts for hours without smearing.

Before contour Courtesy of Taylor Jean Stephan
After countourCourtesy of Taylor Jean Stephan

The product does, however, dry quickly so make sure not to linger too long before you blend it out. You can also choose the level of your contour, as the product comes in eight shades. The darker you go, the more your contour will pop. It really is that easy.

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