The Latest Viral TikTok Hack Looks So Weird But Actually Minimizes Dark Circles

Looks weird, works great.


There’s no shortage of beauty tips and tricks on TikTok; so much so that it seems like not a day goes by without another viral hack circulating on the internet. Today in BeautyTok, meet the latest — and perhaps most absurd-looking — application trick: the TikTok glasses concealer method. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like; essentially, this hack involves drawing your concealer around your eyes to mimic the shape of eyeglasses. The result, apparently, is an immediate brightening and lifting effect as well as an eyeshadow primer.

As with many internet beauty hacks, it’s tough to pin down the original source, but a few TikTok creators have recently gone viral trying out the glasses concealer method. User Serena Lakkiss shared a tutorial in October that has racked up 966,000 views and counting. “You have to try the new eyeglasses concealer trend,” she says in her video, as she applies concealer in a circle around both of her eyes, at the outer corner of her eyes towards her hairline, and across the bridge of her nose. “Pop your concealer on in the shape of glasses...then, blend it all in for the perfect eyeshadow base and to give the perfect lifted appearance.”

TikTok Creator @glamwithsuzan also tried out the hack, poking fun at the fact that she looks ridiculous with the concealer painted around her eyes like glasses. Despite how silly it may look at first, however, she also admits that it does the job. “Is this not working? My mind is blown,” she says. “It’s definitely working.”

Obviously, putting concealer under the eyes to brighten and on the lids to prime for eyeshadow are certainly not new or revolutionary techniques. But, it makes sense that the eye area would be enhanced even further when coupled with the touches of concealer on the outer corners and nose — however ridiculous it may look. If nothing else, this hack is a sure-fire way to break up the monotony of your makeup routine with a good laugh.