This Woman’s Hair Tie Landed Her In Emergency Surgery

by Stephanie Montes

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re wearing a hair tie on your wrist. We all do it, and why not? Well, a doctor in Lexington, Kentucky, says it can pose a risk to your health. Audree Kopp recently noticed she was getting a red bump on her wrist. Despite antibiotics, it continued to grow and get more irritated. After a trip to the ER, she was rushed into surgery where the doctor made an incision to drain an abscess. The culprit was an infection caused by a glittery hair tie. It could’ve been much more serious if the infection had traveled into her bloodstream. Moral of the story: Prevent bacteria from getting into pores and hair follicles by throwing hair ties in the laundry to keep them clean. Or stop wearing them on your wrist altogether. After all, that’s what handbags were made for.