These Products Have Near-Perfect Reviews Because They Solve So Many Of Your Beauty Problems

Solutions to beauty problems you didn’t even know you had.

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When a beauty product has amassed a cult following on Amazon, you can assume it does at least one of two things (and, sometimes, both). One, it actually delivers noticeable results — or two, it offers a solution to an issue you didn’t even know had a solution. Case in point? These products that have near-perfect reviews because they address so many common skin and hair concerns.

From under-eye shields that catch eyeshadow fallout to an extra-long exfoliating towel that allows you to reach your back, these genius beauty innovations have earned the praise of thousands of Amazon shoppers.


An Exfoliating Brush That Helps Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Massaging any areas you choose to shave with this exfoliating brush can help prevent ingrown hairs and bumps (though you can also use it all over your body to promote generally smooth skin). If you’re skeptical about such a simple-seeming tool, just check out the 20,000-plus five-star Amazon ratings and thousands of rave reviews.


An Eye Primer That Prevents Your Eye Makeup From Fading

Does your eyeshadow always fade or melt off halfway through the day? This Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Primer is the solution. The best-selling primer provides a smooth base for your eye makeup and prevents it from disappearing, while also helping to boost the color of any eyeshadow you apply on top. Over 20,000 Amazon shoppers are fans.


A Japanese Makeup Remover That Melts Away Even The Most Stubborn Waterproof Mascaras

If you struggle to remove waterproof mascara at the end of the day, you need this genius mascara remover from Japan. Though it was designed to be used to take off the brand’s notoriously budge-proof Kiss Me Heroine Make mascara, it can be used to remove any stubborn mascara with ease. It has a brush-like design, similar to a mascara wand, so you just comb the product through your lashes and let it sit for a moment before wiping or washing it off.


The Cult-Favorite Lip Treatment That Restores Dry, Chapped Lips Overnight

Beloved by makeup artists, beauty editors, and other beauty insiders around the world, the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is the definition of a cult-favorite (and a number-one best-seller on Amazon, where it’s amassed a 4.7-star rating out of over 15,000 ratings total). The award-winning lip mask uses a blend of antioxidant-rich berry extracts, vitamin C, coconut oil, and murumuru butter to deeply replenish and restore dry lips overnight, healing all manner of lip concerns in the process.


A Makeup Brush Cleaner That Eliminates The Hassle That Comes With Cleaning Your Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes is one of the more annoying beauty-related processes, but this popular electric brush cleaner does all the work for you. It’s easy to use (just hit the on/off button), capable of cleaning up to eight brushes at once, and it even dries them, too. You might even look forward to giving your brushes a deep clean with this genius tool.


A Root-Concealing Spray That’ll Save You Frequent Trips To The Salon

No time to go to the salon for a root touch-up? Or maybe you’re simply looking to cut back on salon visits. In either case, this root touch-up spray will become your new MVP. It’ll last for days on your hair and won’t rub off on your clothes. You can also use it to fake a fuller hairline (something hair pros often do using either tinted powder or a product like this.)

  • Available shades: 5


This Cream To Strengthen Your Cuticles & Nails

Between mani appointments, apply this nourishing cream to your cuticles to make them (and your nails) stronger thanks to ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, and vitamin A. The simple applicator isn’t messy to use. And the product is certified organic, plus fragrance- and paraben-free.


This Best-Selling Cream That Eliminates Body Breakouts & Bumps

If you’re dealing with keratosis pilaris, body acne, or generally rough, bumpy skin, add CeraVe’s SA Cream to your cart pronto. The best-selling body moisturizer, which boasts over 17,000 five-star ratings, uses a combination of salicylic and lactic acids to clear out clogged pores and hair follicles — aka the cause of body breakouts and bumps. To prevent dryness and promote strong, moisturized skin, the cream is also formulated with ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide.


These Under-Eye Shields That Catch Eyeshadow Fallout (& Act As Stencils For Your Liner/Eyeshadow)

,For one simple tool, these highly rated eyeshadow shields solve so many beauty problems. The half-moon shape fits snugly under your eyes and the medical-grade fabric is self-adherent, so they’ll stay put while you use them to catch eyeshadow fallout, as a stencil for drawing on a neat cat eye, or even as a stencil under your bottom lip to create a sharp, clean line with your liquid lipstick. This $6 order comes with 120 stencils, so the value for money is unbeatable.


A Tiny Spatula That Prevents Your From Wasting Even A Drop Of Your Favorite Makeup & Skin Care Products

Get every last drop out of your skin care and makeup products with this genius, fan-favorite beauty spatula. Long, flexible, and equipped with a tiny spatula at the end, it can reach into jars and tubes of all sizes to scoop out that hard-to-reach layer of product sitting at the bottom and sides. Just wipe it off with a washcloth or makeup remover to reuse it. Pro tip: You can use this spatula to mix and blend your products, too.


A Color-Correcting Primer That Counteracts Redness & Sallowness

This Stila One-Step Correct primer tackles pretty much every skin concern imaginable. A true hybrid product — it’s a serum, primer, and moisturizer in one — it works to counteract redness, sallowness, and blemishes all at once using color theory (the green, for example, neutralizes redness.) While it color corrects, it also infuses your skin with a blend of 15 nutrients, and provides an overall brightening, skin-evening effect.

  • Available shades: 3


A Skin-Shedding Foot Mask That Treats Dry, Cracked Heels & Calluses

After you wear these booties, which are infused with an exfoliating essence, for about an hour, you take them off, and after about a week, all your old, dry skin will start to shed off. It’s an oddly satisfying way to treat rough, hard heels and calluses without any effort involved on your part (and best of all, it really does work).


The Fan-Favorite Ice Roller That Soothes & Depuffs Tired Skin

Do you often wake up with tired, puffy skin? Fake a full eight hours of sleep with this soothing ice roller. Not only does massaging it onto your face help quell unwanted puffiness, but it’s also great for other things, like: sinus pain, tension headaches, allergies, redness, and more (a true beauty/medical hybrid product). “If you have migraines, chronic headaches, nerve pain in your face, or are recovering from a TBI, please try this. This has been so helpful for me. Some days medication only offers so much and this ice roller has been a life saver,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.


A Yummy-Smelling Shave Oil That Helps Prevent Razor Burn & Bumps

If you’re prone to dry, bumpy, irritated skin after shaving — if, of course, you’re someone who chooses to shave — using a moisturizing shave oil, like this one, instead of a shaving cream can help. This oil ensures a super-smooth glide, which also eliminates the risk of nicks and cuts, and it smells absolutely delicious: think tropical and vanilla.


A Blue-Tinted Shampoo That Reduces Brassy Tones In Brunette Hair

If unwanted brassy tones (think orange or red) are messing with your brunette color, this blue shampoo can help. Using the concept of color theory, the blue shampoo works to neutralize said tones, making it particularly helpful for brunettes with highlights. That said, people with blonde and orange hair can use this, too.


The Cult-Favorite Detangling Brush That Combs Through Knots Painlessly

A game-changer for parents with kids who hate getting their hair brushed, this best-selling detangling brush by Crave Naturals is beloved for its ability to glide through knots with ease — and most importantly, sans pain. Suitable for use on both wet and dry hair, it’s garnered over 45,000 five-star ratings and nearly 10,000 glowing reviews thus far. “This is amazing! My daughter hated her hair being brushed. This solved our problem. She doesn’t mind her hair being brushed now. No more tears or screams,” commented one Amazon reviewer, while another said it “solved [their] wet hair detangling problem.”


This Exfoliating Sponge That’s Impossible To Drop

Make your in-shower exfoliating routine simpler with the help of this sponge; it features an elastic strap to secure it on your hand, ensuring you never accidentally drop it. The sponge is made from a soft, yet scrubby material to generate extra lather as you work.


A Night Cream That Reduces Redness While You Sleep

Wake up to a complexion free of redness thanks to Cetaphil’s Redness Relieving Night Cream. The soothing, fragrance-free moisturizer works overnight to calm skin and improve its texture and tone (key ingredients include allantoin, licorice extract, caffeine, and niacinamide). You can, of course, use this during the daytime, too. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “I have extreme redness and sensitivity in my skin. This lotion helps calm those flare ups my skin gets from irritation or whatever the cause is. It feels great on my skin and actually helps.”


A Scalp-Stimulating Oil That Addresses Dandruff, Split Ends, Thinning Hair, & More

This rosemary hair oil from Mielle Organics helps with so many common hair concerns, such as dandruff, split ends, scalp irritation, and thinning hair. It promotes a healthy scalp (which, in turn, promotes healthy hair) and it’s a great product for all hair types, though it’s especially popular with those who sport protective styles, wear weaves, or chemically treat their hair. A number-one best-seller on Amazon, it’s amassed over 9,000 five-star ratings thus far.


This Massager Brush That Helps With Dandruff & Soothes Tight Scalps

Though this scalp-massaging brush is great for removing dandruff flakes, product buildup, and a buildup of old skin cells, it also feels amazing on tight scalps — so if you often wear your hair pulled back in a ponytail or bun, it may be worthing picking up. It also works to promote healthy hair growth, and you can use it both in and out of the shower, on wet or dry hair.


This Foot Mask To Get Rid Of Calluses & Hard Skin

Slide your feet into these foot masks for just 60 minutes. Then six to 11 days later the skin will start to peel, leaving you with smooth and soft feet from heel to toe. “I was pleasantly surprised at how well this foot peel mask worked! It was really easy to use and it has a nice smell,” writes one fan.


The Celeb-Loved Pubic Oil That Treats Ingrowns & Irritation

Celebrities like Emma Watson are fans of Fur Oil — it’s also a beauty expert favorite. Why? This all-natural oil blend is designed for use on the pubic area, where it works to soften hairs so you’re less likely to experience ingrowns if you wax or shave. That said, you can use this oil just about anywhere: on your scalp, nails, hair, feet, or even add a few drops to your bath.


A Pack Of 60 Pimple Patches That Work To Shrink Blemishes Overnight

For less than $15, you can get 60 pimple patches that work to shrink and heal blemishes overnight. They’re discreet and transparent, so you can wear them running errands or on a Zoom call, and they make it easy to know when to remove them by turning from clear to white once they’ve accomplished their job. Wear them for at least six hours during the day, or simply pop one on before bed.


This Face & Body Wash That Treats Stubborn Acne

Even the most stubborn acne is no match for this max-strength body wash, powered by 10% benzoyl peroxide — the highest concentration of the stuff you’ll find in an OTC acne treatment — and housed in a convenient pump-top bottle. The “miracle product” is backed by thousands of happy Amazon reviewers. Heads up: Since it’s so potent (and potentially drying), this is best used to quell breakouts below the neck, since the skin on your body is generally less delicate than the skin on your face. That said, it’s free of other, potentially irritating additives, like foaming agents, alcohol, and fragrance — plus, it’s vegan and cruelty-free.


The Best-Selling Setting Spray That Keeps Your Makeup Looking Fresh (& Skin Looking Matte) All Day Long

Heading out for a long day or night (or both)? Mist on this cult-favorite setting spray before you leave to keep your makeup looking fresh for up to 16 hours. Even though this mist feels like nothing on your skin, the hardworking formula keeps your makeup completely smudge- and transfer-proof; and since it also mattifies shine, it’s a nice, lighter-weight alternative to a setting powder, if you don’t want to put more makeup on for touch-ups. Plus, the small, 2-ounce bottle is the perfect size to slip into your purse.


The Pro-Favorite Hair Treatment That Repairs Damage & Broken Bonds

Ask any professional hair stylist about their favorite products, and it’s virtually guaranteed that Olaplex will make the list. All 10 products in their customer-facing system are powered by the brand’s groundbreaking, proprietary bond-building formula, which rebuilds damaged hair at a molecular level; but this Hair Perfector No. 3 is an especially concentrated rinse-out treatment, so it’s a must for people hoping to repair moderate-to-severe damage — meaning, pretty much anyone who colors or bleaches their hair, regularly uses heat styling tools, or gets keratin treatments.


An All-Natural Nail Treatment That Helps With Dry, Yellow, & Bruised Nails

Yellowing, bruising, peeling, splitting… whatever nail concern you’re contending with, the JĀSÖN Nail Saver can probably fix it. Beloved by a small but loyal cult following (and at least two of our own editors, who swear by the stuff), this miracle product contains a shortlist of powerful, all-natural ingredients — like tea tree oil, sesame seed oil, safflower oil, and vitamin E — that work to strengthen nails, reverse damage, and support healthier, faster growth. “Remarkably effective,” one Amazon shopper raved. “After using twice daily for several months (with a few breaks while wearing nail polish), this oil successfully treated several yellowed brittle toenails. They grew out healthy and clear over 6 months with repeated use. Highly recommend!”


A Microfiber Hair Towel That Dries Your Hair Faster & More Gently

If you haven’t been using a microfiber towel to dry your hair, you’re missing out on a seriously smart beauty hack. Not only is the super-soft material much gentler on your hair — thereby reducing unwanted frizz and tangles — but it’s also more absorbent than terry cloth, so your hair will dry that much faster. This towel is also lightweight (and comes with a handy loop at the back), so it won’t slip off your head or strain your neck.


A Lip Scrub That Sloughs Away Chapped, Flaky Skin For A Smoother Pout

Made with Hawaiian cane sugar, kukui oil, and shea butter, this decadent lip scrub works wonders to slough away dryness and flakes, leaving your lips plush and comfortable. A scrub like this really comes in handy when prepping your lips for smooth lipstick application (especially if you’re using a more drying formula, like a liquid lipstick), but thousands of reviewers confirm it’s amazing for anyone with chronically dry lips.


This LED Makeup Mirror That Mimics Natural Light — So Your Makeup Always Looks Perfect

Natural light is crucial for flawless makeup application, but if you don’t happen to have a mirror near a window, this backlit mirror is the next-best thing. The soft LED lights mimic natural light, and it offers three magnification levels so you can get as precise as you need. Plus, it’s lightweight, freestanding, and swivels 180 degrees, and there’s a well in the base of the mirror where you can store small items, like tweezers or Q-tips. Over 5,000 shoppers who awarded it a five-star rating can attest to its clever design.


This Genius Sunscreen Spray To Protect Your Hair & Scalp

This spray sunscreen is designed to be spritzed onto your scalp and hair — it protects your skin from burning (thanks to SPF 30), but also prevents your hair color from UV-induced fading. The formulation is non-greasy and lightweight to not weigh down your strands. And it features organic ingredients. It’s one of those products you’ll be glad that you tossed into your beach bag.


These Eyelid Wipes That Help With Dry Eye, Blepharitis, & Other Similar Conditions

These tea tree wipes will be a lifesaver for anyone with temperamental eyelids, whether that’s in the form of itchiness, seasonal allergies, blepharitis, styes, or even more severe conditions. The tea tree works as an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent, unclogs blocked pores, and soothes irritation — thereby eliminating the root cause of most eyelid concerns — and the textured pads gently buff away dead skin cells and flakes. “My eye problems are so severe that I see five different eye doctors,” one Amazon reviewer wrote, continuing, “Desperate, I decided to try these particular wipes since various regular ones were of little help. They have almost eliminated the problem! It's almost like a mini-miracle.”


A Purple Hair Mask That Neutralizes Yellow Tones To Keep Your Color Looking Icy

A best-seller on Amazon, this purple mask is incredibly effective for neutralizing any unwanted yellow or brassy tones in blonde hair, restoring your shade to its icy, just-came-back-from-the-salon brightness. In addition to its rich violet pigments (which are responsible for canceling out yellowness, according to color theory), the formula contains hydrolyzed soy protein, vitamin B5, coconut oil, and jojoba oil to nourish, soften, and strengthen bleached or dyed hair, so it doubles as a deep conditioner.


A Charcoal Body Scrub That Promotes Smooth, Bump-Free Skin

Over 25,000 shoppers have awarded this charcoal body scrub a perfect five-star rating, confirming that it caters to a host of beauty concerns, from body acne and calluses to keratosis pilaris and run-of-the-mill dryness. The charcoal works to absorb oil, bacteria, and other impurities that can contribute to acne and other skin concerns, and the textured granules work as a physical exfoliant to buff away flakes and bumps. Coconut oil and collagen restore moisture, resulting in radiant and soft skin everywhere from the neck down.


This Leave-In Conditioner That Addresses Literally *Every* Hair Concern

If you only have the patience to use one hair product, let it be this aptly named Miracle Moisture Leave-In Conditioner from Daily Dose. The lightweight cream-to-mist formula works myriad wonders, including detangling, smoothing, defining curls, and even mitigating damage. It’s designed for all hair types, from stick-straight to coily, and the sulfate-free formula won’t strip your color. Since it works so well, you’ll end up using less conditioner, so you’ll end up saving product and money, too.


This Untippable Nail Polish Holder For Quicker At-Home Manis

Only have time for a quick mani (or touch-up) at home? Grab this nail polish bottle holder to make the process easier. It’s designed to house nearly any size or shape polish bottle that you own and it’s practically untippable since it grips directly to surfaces like tables or counters. The adjustable hinge allows you to position it exactly as needed.


These Hair Powder Fibers That Fake The Appearance Of Fuller-Looking Hair

According to over 15,000 customers who gave it a five-star rating, this Boldify hair fiber spray is a “game changer” for achieving the look of a fuller, thicker hairline. The spray-on fibers mimic the texture and shine of real hair, and the sweat-, rain-, and wind-resistant formula stays in place all day long. Plus, it comes in an impressive, 14-shade line-up, so you’re bound to find your perfect color match.

  • Available shades: 14


A Natural Self-Tanner That Doesn’t Stink

Love the sun-kissed look but hate the chemical smell and gloopy texture of most self-tanners? This Botanic Tree Self Tanner is about to become your new go-to. The formula is 100% plant-based — even the dihydroxyacetone, the tanning agent responsible for giving your skin a bronzy glow, is derived from sugar cane — and it has a mild, nearly undetectable scent. Packed with skin-softeners like shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and glycerin, this fan-favorite product doubles as a face and body moisturizer, albeit one that leaves you with an even, radiant, natural-looking glow.


A Scalp-Boosting Shampoo That Promotes Stronger, Healthier, Thicker Hair

Browse the reviews section for this Keranique shampoo, and you’ll find thousands of testimonials touting its abilities to trigger faster hair growth and curb hair loss. The key is in the unique complex (comprising keratin, biotin, panax ginseng, saw palmetto, and more) that removes buildup and promotes circulation at the scalp, and thickens your existing strands. “This is the only shampoo that works on my fine, limp hair,” one Amazon customer wrote, and another reported, “I did notice less hair in brushes, and finally after 3 weeks, no hair in my brushes or combs at all.”


A Soothing Gel Face Mask That Quells A.M. Puffiness

This face mask is filled with temperature-retaining gel beads that reduce unwanted redness and puffiness, and can even offer relief from migraine and sinus pain. Just pop it in your fridge to reap its cooling, calming benefits — or, stick it in the microwave for 20 seconds and use it as a hot compress. The BPA-free coating is easy to clean with soap and water, so you can reuse it for years to come — and it’ll quickly become one of your most-used beauty tools.


These Soft Silk Scrunchies That Prevent Breakage & Tangles

Say good-bye to hair breakage and tangles for good by switching to these silk hair scrunchies instead. Made of 100% pure mulberry silk, they also help prevent hair creases, and they’re soft and comfortable enough to sleep in. Choose from three sizes and lots of different colors.

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