The Right Way To Conceal Undereye Circles

Whether your under eye circles are due to an uncharacteristically late bedtime or the genetic lottery, they are unsightly and unwanted, particularly when you have a long day at the office. Chances are you’ve been reaching for your regular concealer and applying a half moon shape under your eyes for many years (guilty), but we recently found out that is not only inefficient, but actually draws more attention to the problem. We tapped M·A·C Cosmetics Senior Artist Cynthia Rivas to teach us how to look bright-eyed and bushy tailed, here is her step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Prep

Using a brightening eye cream to hydrate the undereye area.

Pro tip: Wait for moisturizers and undereye creams to be fully absorbed by your skin before applying any makeup.

Step 2: Apply Concealer

Using a fluffy brush, gently sweep a light covering of concealer from the inner corner diagonally towards the chin, focusing on the area with the darkest pigment. Blend gently into the cheek and remaining undereye area.

Pro tip: When picking a concealer for the undereye area, match it to your neck. You should aim to match your foundation to the top of your shoulder.

Step 3: Highlight

Use a sheer highlighter to create an upside down triangle under the eye.

Pro tip: A translucent highlighter will reflect light in the darkest areas, and draw the eye to the cheekbones, opening the face up.

Step 4: Blend

Using a fluffy brush, gently blend across the cheekbone and up onto the brow bone. Repeat on the other side and finish with a swipe of mascara and a pop of warm peach on the cheeks and lips.

Pro tip: Excess highlighter can be used along the bridge of the nose and at the cupid's bow.

Final Look

No cakey, orange undereye circles here!

Pull Yourself Together

Opt for a cream or white shirt to create the illusion of a lighter face, and pair with simple accessories for an effortless office outfit.