The New Beauty Trend That’s About To Blow Up

by Stephanie Montes

It’s no secret that last summer was all about metallic body art and whether you love it or hate it, a new temporary tattoo trend is about to hit the fashion scene in a big way. We predict the warm-weather fad this year will be–drumroll, please–face tattoos. Although it’s not a look we would ever bring to the office, we can only assume that twenty-something-year-old girls will flock to every festival this spring wearing a look similar to Giamba’s fall or Anthony Viccarello’s ’15 runways in Milan. If you’re already packing your lace maxi dresses and fringed vests for festival season, don’t forget to add these temporary tattoos to your Coachella survival kit. The good news? It’s not nearly as permanent as the ones that Ryan Gosling or Kanye West just got.

Show Face

Photo: Getty Images





Or Another Option...

Customize your face tattoos by drawing them on with a felt-tip eyeliner pen instead.