The Hydrating Body Balm You Need in Your Skin-Care Arsenal This Fall

That glazed donut effect, except for your body.

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Courtesy of Keys Soulcare
A finger in a Keys Soulcare melting body balm box
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You know that “glazed donut” effect that comes with having beautifully moisturized, glowing skin? Achieving that otherworldly level of hydrated radiance typically involves layering a bunch of different hydrating and moisture-sealing products, and despite the trendiness of it all, it’s a pretty effective way to keep your skin and its moisture barrier healthy and strong. And the approach isn’t just for your face: If your body tends to get a little dry and scratchy as summer makes way to fall, a layered skin-care regime is going to help keep the skin below your chin supple and scratch-free as the temperature drops.

That’s exactly why I’ve stocked up on jars of Keys Soulcare’s Melting Body Balm. This rich, dermatologist-tested formula is a skin-loving blend of lush, replenishing shea butter; nourishing and radiance-boosting coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, and Manuka honey; and soothing turmeric. Despite its balmy texture, it’s not at all greasy, which is ideal — especially during sweater weather. And as the name suggests, it literally melts into my skin, leaving me enrobed in what feels like an invisibility cloak of legit velvet.

I personally like to massage a scoop to my entire body straight out of the shower, when my skin is wet, to optimize absorption. I’ll also rub a little into rough, dryness-prone areas like knees, elbows, and the backs of my hands throughout the day as needed. As I work the formula into my skin, I use those moments to pause a little, breathe, reflect, and maybe set an intention or two. Taking the time to care for and nourish not only your skin, but also your mind, is one of the main pillars Keys Soulcare was built on, and you know what? Between slowing down and taking care of my skin with an effective formula I feel good about using (no parabens or weird, questionable ingredients here!) I’ve noticed a big difference in how I feel in my skin, too. I’m calmer, more confident, and overall more balanced. (The calming sage and oat milk scent helps, too.)

Suffice it to say, if you want to keep your skin soft this fall, any old body lotion will do. But if you want a formula that’s going to give you next-level silky skin and a luminescence that won’t go unnoticed, I highly recommend picking up this stuff, stat. Mind-body connection? I’d say so.

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