The Genius App That Matches Your Foundation Shade To Your Selfie

by Stephanie Montes

With countless shades of foundations on the market, finding your perfect match is nearly impossible—plenty of women apply their foundation every day unaware of the fact that it’s completely the wrong shade. Not to sound like a broken record but, well, there’s an app for that. Thanks to Melange Beauty, having a foundation custom-blended for you is easy as taking a selfie (and you don’t even have to take 20 of them just to get a flattering angle or the perfect lighting).

So what makes this app different than all the others that promise to do the same? It’s all in the approach. Melange sends you a color card in the mail for you to take a selfie with. Once the photo gets back to the lab, this card gives a point of reference to make it easy for the brand’s technology to color match to perfection—no matter what kind of lighting you used when taking your selfie. Pick the coverage you prefer and receive 5 sample-sized foundation matches (each with varying undertones) in the mail. Once you chose the one you love, you can order your $40 custom-made, perfectly matched foundation and have it delivered to your front door.

While the lazy girl in us loves that we don’t have to visit our local beauty counter, we are curious to know just how far in advance we’d need to plan getting our true shade.

Let us know if you’d try—or have tried—this service in the comments below.

The genius selfie card and the final product. Photo: @reneejacques