The Game-Changing New Way To Wash Your Face

Want to indulge in a luxurious facial in the comfort of your own home? (Oh, and did we mention it costs under $5? Shocking, we know!) Stock up on carbonated water. That’s right, the San Pellegrino’s of the world will clarify your skin with their bubbly qualities—and with no extra arsenal of cleansers needed. The carbonation fizzes on the surface of your face to deeply clean your complexion, while the minerals in the water aid in maintaining strong collagen synthesis. In other words: Your skin will look flawless and radiant. What should you expect? The carbonation from the water might feel warm at first, followed by the fizzy, which will leave your face feeling tingling. Since all good things take time, this technique may take up to a month for results to show, so if you are more of an instant-gratification kind of gal, here are some products that have the same effects, but with quicker results.

Pass The Bubbly