The Game-Changing New Way To Apply SPF

by Stephanie Montes

When we think of SPF, images of thick, white, coconut-scented sunscreens from our childhood come to mind. Formulas have come a long way since those days–we’ve even found ways to seamlessly work SPF into our skincare routine without the greasy feeling or lingering scent. However, there are still beauty junkies who hate the feeling of a daily sunscreen. Enter, the SPF that doesn’t require you to wear any at all–let us explain.

Sun Protective Day Cleanser SPF 30, Dr Russo, $71

This innovative product is actually not something you apply and let sit on your skin like traditional sunscreens–instead it's meant to be washed off. Since you are already washing your face every morning (we hope) swap your daily cleanser with this one that deep cleans while leaving active SPF 30 on the skin. Follow with your normal skincare routine and makeup, without the feeling of, well, anything.

How it works: All you need to do is apply it to damp skin, wait for it to foam and then wash it off as you would a normal cleanser. FDA-approved SPF latches onto your skin to protect against UVA and UVB rays.